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  • As a Tesla owner, it feels like shit news.

    This is London, my friend.

  • I live near Cambridge so it really isn't.

  • I used to have a fairway taxi and you wouldn’t believe how small the diesel tank was. £50 maximum. My Audi 80 can get about £75 of petrol in.

  • i'd be a bit pissed - isn't part of the premium paid to be in the tesla gang for the upspec charging network?

  • So Wales trip all went well - first longer journey in an EV. The Kona, at 70mph, warm day, eco mode and aircon turned off does actually get close to a 300 mile range. (Im extrapolating from 220 miles and a quarter-ish charge left.

    I need to charge it from a 3-pin plug on one occasion, but leaving it overnight gives an additional 100 or so miles which is fine.

    It all reminded me of touring on a motorbike in Europe- you just need to be aware of fuel in a way that doesn’t concern you with a car with 650 miles in a tank.

    Downsides - the Kona fast charge is slow at 70kw up to 50-60% and then dropping like a stone. And too many charging points have a single charger which is all a bit hopeless given EV uptake

  • I wouldn't say (for the model 3 at least) that there's much of a premium vs competitors in terms of £ for range.

    Having said that, the reason I bought a Tesla over any other EV was the charging network advantage. If that becomes clogged with all other EVs then I will definitely be disappointed. I'm hoping it's to fund a larger roll out of the network but I suspect it's just a way of filling Elon's pockets.

  • Another Leaf driver here, 2017 30kwh model. We installed 5.7 kW of solar PV on our house at the same time as getting the car. Combined cost of solar / car payment is less that we were paying for VED and fuel for the 3l Subaru that we replaced.

    This setup has provided 90% of the electricity for our house AND local driving during spring and summer.

    If you can do the same I would really recommend it.

    Also had a melted extension lead plug during the winter. 5m extension lead with 3 pin Leaf charger...... glad nothing went on fire.

  • We installed 5.7 kW of solar PV

    Keen on knowing more about this. I am thinking this should ideally be done at the same time as roofing/loft conversion?

  • It all reminded me of touring on a motorbike in Europe- you just need to be aware of fuel in a way that doesn’t concern you with a car with 650 miles in a tank.

    I've never owned a car that has that sort of range, more like 250-300 miles per tank.

  • EVs are for you then. That's the sweet spot for the current crop of 80Kwh cars when used on a motorway.

  • Starting to think about a new car and would ideally go for an EV. I really don't know much about them other than what I like the look of (visually).

    Live in Scotland, hoping to be 100% remote for work going forward so trips are shortish family trips on weekends and then the odd long haul to my folks in Dorset or family in Wales.

    I have a 3 series at the moment which my wife won't drive due to feeling its too big so it needs to be smaller. I would like something fun/quick-ish but sensible at the same time (same of my 3 series estate).

    Not looked at finance/leases etc or whatever yet, keen to just think about cars to focus in on first.

    Any suggestions?

  • Fun / quick-ish is a Tesla but you won't fit as much in as a 3 series estate.

    The new Ioniq 5 looks great, with good range and a decent size interior. 0-60 is respectable but it'll still feel miles quicker to 30 than your 3 series.

  • I would be bang into a Tesla but its bigger in length and width than my 3 series, which won't do it for encouraging my wife to drive a little more (which she wants to do but hates big cars).

  • All BEVs are big for their class / size though. Part of that will be the increase in crash protection over your older 3 series but also just the size of the battery. Especially in flat floor ground up EV chassis.

    The good thing is that Tesla and most decent t new EVs come with a host of cameras, sensors and auto functions that really make driving something bigger, easier. It's also worth noting that visibility in a model 3 is fantastic due to the packaging and sparse dash.

  • We just got a Kia e niro with my wife’s work. It’s easy to drive, sensors front and rear for parking, and a load of (annoying to me) extra tricks like beeping at you if you cross a white line on a bend- though you can switch these off. Easy to see out of, fits me at 6foot4, fits 2 kids easy in the back but has not got estate car boot which I’m already missing. No way my bikes are going in the boot

  • Yeah the Kona has the same problem - there’s no overhang at the back so no length inside the car.

    Maybe the VW id3 ?

    On.to might be worth a look - do a month rental/lease and see how you get on.

  • We added it to an existing roof, JE solar panels, SolarEdge inverter and LG 10kw battery.

    If we were doing the roof at the same time it would have been nice to fit the panels into integrated trays. If we ever do the roof we will change over to this solution.

  • what was the ballpark cost?

  • I do like the look of the VW id3. Anyone heard pros/cons on it so far?

  • I've watched / read a few reviews. Summary of most (from memory):

    1. Well put together (if a little uninspiring)
    2. Drives well
    3. Good / accurate range
    4. Touchscreen / software is slow, verging on shit
  • Nice thanks. On point (4) initially I feel like it wouldn't bother me but then I get the impression with EVs so much is linked to the software/general UX with the touchscreen/nav etc that maybe it would get annoying.

    What, if anything would you say Tesla need to improve on your Model 3?

  • Any recommendations / ones to avoid for home wall chargers? And tethered or not?

    (first of no doubt many questions as we've decided to go for an eV to get round ulez extension).

  • My father has one, he’s happy with it except for the GUI. Figuring out how to turn on the rear window heating has left him traumatized, but he’s a bit of a Luddite so I’d take that with a grain of salt.

  • i am looking at one on monday. there are some good deals about.

    a test drive will be good, but how do you test the gadgetry - coming from a 14 year old gti and a 15 year old bmw, i'd gutted if it sucked balls. i want full spaceship

  • No way my bikes are going in the boot

    I can get an XL Marin Four Corners in the back of my eNiro without taking the wheels or seat post out.

    Back seats folded down.

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Electric Vehicles EVs

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