WTD: The beautiful Mrs Jangle wants a bike!

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  • And generally speaking, what Mrs Jangle wants, Mrs Jangle gets.

    Here are the must-have's:

    Frame should be 53/54 ish
    Flat Bars
    Frame must have proper mudguard facility
    Frame must be able to take a front rack

    I could do full bike or frame only

    Vintage-y would be preferable, definitely not up for your unwanted Boardman Hybrid
    Would be up for a mixted

    Fair price paid for the right thing.


  • 54cm c-t Carlton Courette 531 main frame tubes.

    27" QR Weinmann alloy wheels are in mint condition/new tyres, 13-28 Atom 5 speed, rear derailleur is a Tiagra 4600 but I have a NOS Huret Eco you can have in exchange. There's a slight issue in that the shimano indexed shifter is possibly a chinese knock off so is slightly out on the shifts as you work your way up, I bought the 4600 as although not remotely period correct I quite liked it and it had an adjuster to fine tune. But it still hasn't seemed to iron out the probem. I was just going to get a friction shifter or go 6 speed with a bigger range in the sprockets.

    The 52/42 Custom SR is great but probably too big teeth wise, I did put feelers out on RetroBike and a guy there has a 40 and a 36T to fit the 118BCD, BB is really nice, smooth and no play. Centre pull weinman brakes work very well indeed, I mean really well!

    The ugly bit is the modern riser stem, I'd done this as it was a pressie for someone who was wanting an upright position and there was a basket that was going to be fitted. I do have the original stem but this will bring the bar height down a fair bit.

    Doesn't have low rider mounts on the forks but you can fit specific fork blade clamps that work with low riders. Or were you thinking of the brake bolt and mudguard eyelet fitting variant?

    £195 for the whole bike with a 10% forum donation

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  • Thank you for this suggestion.

    I will run it past the Mrs and let you know her thoughts.

  • That would be perfect, but;

    1. This has already been sorted thanks to @Mr_Bump and,

    2. I am low on funds due to the unplanned purchase of a Philbrook you initiated.

    I am obviously grateful, if a little pissed I’ll be spending all day Saturday driving to Devon and back;)

  • I’m selling a surly pacer frame 54cm haven’t decided on price as yet let me know if this could be of interest ,pic of it when built
    cheers k

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  • This one ? It looks great and apologies 😊

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  • Mrs Jangle is undoubtedly worthy and due a new steed, but man will you stop buying other bikes for you and finish that lovely Somec, we/I have been waiting forevs ;)

  • Yep. Picking it up this weekend.

    I am excite.

    You are forgiven, thank you.

  • Which SOMEC? The Max one?

  • Didn't realise you had multiple Somec's!!

    Yes I meant the Max one, such a dreamy frame.

  • There is one on sale much closer to London going cheap at the moment if of any interest. Apologies from myself too :)

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  • That one's built. Not a very inspiring build if I'm honest, but built nonetheless.

    It's in my secret store at the moment. Next time I'm down there I'll take a pic.

  • Where's that up for sale?

    Asking for a friend.

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WTD: The beautiful Mrs Jangle wants a bike!

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