• Happy to pay for postage or can cycle over if near, im in south east London.

    Open to buy a complete set also ;)

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  • I might be able to help you, but can I just clarify whether the model isn't actually Avanti? I've seen many examples of this model over the years and from memory it's the only one with the less popular one-piece gear lever that handles both down and up shifts. Your ergo lever in the pic has this setup so I assume would be this model, well at least I've never come across the Veloce lever which must be quite rare in comparison. I do actually have a veloce set from this early days ergo lever period but recall that they're the grey painted type (Campag produced for a short time) which your example isn't as it appears to be silver.

  • Hi Mr Walkman,

    Oops, yes thank you...vary much avanti!!! I am looking for the exact replacement, but...the right hand hood is caput, so I am open to a whole new set altogether. Not fussed whether avanti or veloce...not a period sensitive project


  • Righto, well I'll have a trawl around and try to find the left hand Avanti I have. And I'll check it has exactly the same markings/logo etc as your pictured one, but think it's likely. BTW I recall that the right hand one I have went kaputt, so if I find that as well then you're welcome to the hood of it.

  • That be fab mate, cheers!!!

  • I have a pair of scruffy silver veloce, 8 speed. Came of a bike but ive never tested them.

  • Thanks Chaliapin, will wait on walkman's findings then take you up on the offer if he doesnt find anything ;)

  • OK well I've got news of my search but you may not like it. It seems that the broken right hand lever I mentioned was replaced with a working one at some point, but I'd forgotten this when I told you I'd said I had a pair where one was broken. And my search also turned up a second Avanti pair but this time with the Avanti model marked on them. So this being the case, I feel I couldn't sell you a single lever but if you'd like one of the sets I'd be happy selling you that, although of course you might prefer to hold out for a single one. The other option is I just sell you the broken right hand's hood, which I know you're in need of. If you bought one of the sets then I'd throw in the hood.

  • Hey, thanks for trying. I'd happily go for a complete avanti set, how much would you want for it?

  • OK, but which of the two sets did you want? As mentioned, they're both Avanti, but only one has the model name writing on them. I'm only increasing the model name one's price due to the fact that I've the rest of the Avanti groupset somewhere, and this also has the writing on, although I'm not hugely bothered either way. I can send you a pic if you want.

  • Oh right, I'm happy with the nameless ones.

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Wtd: Mid90s Campagnolo Avanti left hand ergo (8x2)

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