New carbon bikes into UK

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  • I think Q Factor would be an excellent re-branding name. Kind of X Factor-meets-James Bond.

  • Prices please. Is it as imported or have you and your overseas partners agonised over every small detail, then just changed the stickers?

  • Whatever happen to James for Rapah?

  • I really loved the bit about pushing bikes up hills.

  • Yes! And they could have an advice section called Q Tips, with things like whether to wax your chain.

  • I'm able to deliver it at roughly twice the price you'll see on the Internet, but keep in mind it has been cut with a secret recipe of laundry detergent and laxative for which I own the patent

  • I'll dip back in from time to time with updates and clarifications.

    Jesus, are you not getting this?

  • huahuahuahuhuahuahu

  • What if the update is he's outsourced batch production to rourke and it now comes with billions of zits and a full sram red hydro groupset? And the price has come down to a G?

  • Take my money

  • Which James?

    The James, the one who posted video riding through centre London, and made inspiring quotes.

  • Just spent 15mins reading through this thread to get some context on a meta comment elsewhere on the forum. Totally worth it.

  • I want to give others the opportunity to experience the full range of elation and pain that I've experienced in my years on the road.

    Like facting countless recall/warranty on the £35 ZOOM brakes that you're proud about?

  • Poor guy is probably too invested to stop by this point...

  • I guess that's La Vita.

  • Has the La Vita site been pulled? I could get to a holding page earlier but now there's nothing in the search rankings for it?

  • I didn’t even know about that super limited edition Titanium Ribble bike for under £1.5k!

    Do you mean the Ribble CGR AL with 105 hydro for £1399? -- that has an aluminium frame. I can't see anything of theirs with a titanium frame that is cheaper than the CGR Ti - Sport
    Shimano 105 at £2299, while the Gravel Ti - Sport GRX 600 is £2599.

  • Oh wait. Nick is a bot.

  • Oh wait. Nick is a bot.

    Just a human trying to make sense of today's bike market, while doing up my old 531 framed tourer.

    [Edit: I just realised you were probably referring to the OP]

  • Dry run for the AliX algo for sure

  • hahah yeah it's all about you. Only bots say they're not bots.

  • It’s a PX London Road Titanium for £1500. In some way a peculiar bike a Gravel Comuter in very stealable titanium. Not sure it’s worth it over the £700 alu one.


New carbon bikes into UK

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