New carbon bikes into UK

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  • Foffa made mad dollar no?

    Target market and customer expectation are quite different here.

    £400 to look urbane/sophisticated for your once a week summer commute for a few years is reasonable value.
    It's not that hard to build a reliable SS/fixeh from cheap far east components when the target market are more interested in the look than the performance and won't be pushing themselves or the kit.

    Shoppers for a £1500 gravel bike will do some research and irrespective of your mechanical knowledge and enthusiasm I can't imagine anyone looking at the Sensah derailleur, zoom brakes etc and thinking they look anything other than dodgy, which would then make me wonder about the quality of the hubs/freehub, strength of the frame/handlebars etc.... and just think "I'll stick with the Genesis, Arkose, Kinesis" or whatever

  • So who wants to make a report into Trading Standards and the Advertising Standards Authority to nail this clown?

  • That derailleur 😳 looks like if Fisher Price made bike parts. Give one to Blake Samson or Sam Pilgrim for a morning of thrashing and see whats left of it after just a couple of hours. They've done these kind of videos before. The results are predictable but fun to watch whilst it lasts

  • I wonder if @NickatLaVita has actually sold any of his current drop? Even a cursory google by a prospective buyer will lead here to 11 pages and counting of derision and scorn.

  • Thought about this, too many lines crossed...

  • Interesting that the Alibaba web page has been taken down.

  • But in a few years we will all be using sensah/ retrospec

  • probably - I considered Arsis on a recent build, partly for the name. - Retrospec need to work on robustness and styling before I'd be able to take them seriously though.

    Retrospec - If you're out there and wish to have advice and help, I'll happily offer a fixed rate for this, feel free to DM.

  • Nah i was just saying what @NickatLaVita was saying.
    I believe microshift is taiwanese though, I used their bar-end shifters and they were good quality

  • btw while all of the forum seems to be here - if anyone needs some advice on how to improve their posting, please feel free to DM. fixed rates and no-improved-posting-no-fee available

  • So what you're saying is you think Foffas look dead sophis' 💅🏼

  • Quite so

    I rode a foffa once
    Borrowed from Babington House
    I felt très sophistique

  • I just read the first page of this thread. Then the last. What a car-crash.

  • Identical geometry chart here:

  • So who wants to DM Trading Standards and the Advertising Standards Authority to nail this clown?


  • I'll happily offer a fixed rate for this

    Duh, they're geared bikes, right? With enemies like this NickatLaVita doesn't need friends.

  • Either @NickatLaVita lied or have no clue on what he’s talking about;

    Re-reading it again, he just grab whatever word that sound revelant and add it in, like Q factor.

  • Great stuff.
    LaVita branding is just dreadful. Theres a chain of Italian restaurants with the same name in Glasgow.

    Anyway this looks like better value­hash=item1d0dd955d0:g:7bQAAOSwvSNgmaTQ

  • This the drawing through the streets behind the horses after the hanging and quartering have already been administered

  • It doesn’t come with a LaVita sticker which is clearly worth a few hundred quid.

  • I’m not sure about this, I’m not a frame builder and wouldn’t like to bring up Q factor again unjustifiably but that chart seems to say 420mm
    Chain stays.
    I’ve just roughly measured up on my bike, 60mm wide tyres+5mm each side+15mm for each chain stay means the stays have to be 100mm wide just where the inner chainring is?
    There is an 80mm gap between the rim and bottom bracket so even if the stays are as wide as the bb they have to splay at 45degrees for the first say 40mm?

    Any ideas? Feel free to DM me

  • so even if the stays are as wide as the bb they have to splay at 45degrees for the first say 40mm?

    Sounds perfectly reasonable

  • .

  • Sorry OP, this was all horribly misjudged. I genuinely hope you don't lose too much money on this.

    Did we ever get clarification as to how Sheldon 'fed into' the development?


New carbon bikes into UK

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