New carbon bikes into UK

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  • Made some frantic edits after posting, hopefully clearer now.

  • I like what you're doing with the groupset but how much longer do you think it'll be environmentally feasible to mass manufacture carbon fibre bike frames? Seems like an industry that's headed for hard times sooner or later. Thanks for sharing and sorry to be a downer but I can't really wish you luck with this.

  • In a few years, we will all be buying Retrospec/Sensah - absolutely zero doubt.

    Actual lol. Nope.

  • I'll second "I'm not sure about the brand name in the UK market, please consider paying someone to work on the name and or fonts before fully launching."

    In the kindest possible way, your current aesthetic looks whack. Doesn't do the bike or anything justice. Almost looks like a troll account for these gravelé bikes people rave on about on here these days. If you do some market research and directly compare the page to anything modern/in trend, you'll see how and why your page is lacking.

    The type of bike you're selling isn't for me #steelisreal but you've prob got a good thing going and I fully back affordable bikes for people but you should def hold back from launching until you have everything you need to launch properly.

  • Just had a quick look at you IG and it's really not selling the brand or product to say the least.
    I would also echo the comments regarding mounts, you're not competing with the likes of Cervelo Aspero, Open UP etc here. There can be an affordable product aimed at enthusiasts, but you're in the budget end here so you need to think practical, as the majority of the target market will not see the lack of mounts as a "clean aesthetics" feature, but an oversight.

  • No offence but La Vita is a terrible name in my opinion

  • Lol

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  • I will endorse your project but please change project/idea/investment/job/IG/product/c­haracteristic and forum where to discuss etc etc
    All the best

  • Suggest renaming to LaFoffa

  • If only you’d read the 20,000 comments on the gravel bikes thread ;)

  • This is almost bang on the money for following the "How To Make Your Own Fake Wheel Company" video on youtube.

  • What will you do different or better than PlanetX / Dolan / Ribble? There might be an idea of your brand being an outsider (unknown groupset, one man band etc.) you could build the identity around that? As a consumer I need to be persuaded to take a risk on your brand, that involves 'lifestyle' more than just price and components.

  • Planet X have the titanium London Road at £1500 that’s with a SRAM hydro group set and it’s 1x, the flavour of the minute. Yours is cable disc 2x (hard to see the shape of the chain stays but what’s the Q factor on yours?).
    You are fighting in the bargain basement with long established players .....good luck.

    Ps I’m not sure about the wisdom of quoting Amey or Sheldon Brown as inspiration .

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  • Has anyone suggested 'Just buy an Arkose' yet?

  • Get some exposure by setting up your own World Tour team.

  • dying at lafoffa

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New carbon bikes into UK

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