New carbon bikes into UK

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  • ........and goodbye from the world's friendliest bike forum!

  • It might sound harsh, but this just smacks of another person trying to make money from rebranding cheap Chinese products as something they've actually put a lot of work into, when in reality you're just contributing to the sea of shit that has drowned so many independent bike shops over the last few years.

    TBF it actually make us more money from fixing and replacement dodgy components on bicycles that barely legal to ride (as long it's not an aftermarket ebikes/conversion).

  • Yeah... The shops that are left.

  • I enjoyed this thread. Especially this.

  • Reading this again, is absolutely fucking gold.

  • This is the stuff that makes lfgss so good

  • Brutal, but you kinda got what was coming there. These people know bikes and they know the smell of bullshit.

  • Nick is looking more and more like a troll. Like that dude asking dumb question IN CAPS. Just seems too good to be true this.

  • The pacing of this thread, starting off slowly the odd gentle probe then building into a surging crushing finish was rather beautiful.

  • @damskodonny
    You’d think that but they’ve been posting on insta over the last couple of weeks to build some hype.

    If it’s a troll they’re playing a long game, for which I applaude them.

  • Indeed, it may even be the best we've seen yet. Some people got some time on their hands and have a great but strange sense of humour. I just like the idea someone would make the effort for our entertainment.

  • I'm sure I've seen this before, maybe a year or so ago on weight weenies, trying to remember. But went a similar way. Busted on shipping some random shit from China.
    You know they might do ok on selling on the shopping channels.

  • excellent thread

  • 10/10, would read again.

  • Priceless read

  • been a while since i've seen a thread like this on lfgss. forgot just how good they are. Thanks everyone.

  • hope you found them!

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  • Not the post office to pick up bikes labelled at $5 value?

  • Enjoyable. Surprised @amey didn’t just call it in post 2

  • Top thread, piss-taker got eviscerated!

  • I've been lurking at LFGSS for some time


    Surely you’d know.

  • Oh well, that's BaldyBici fucked as a retirement plan. I 'd have got away with it if it wasn't for you pesky kids.

    @NickatLaVita any comments you would like to DM? Floating your scheme on a forum where (some) people actually know about bikes was perhaps not your best idea.

  • @NickatLaVita never dm’d me to address my questions like they said they would. That was before the detectives on here got involved so doubt we’ll hear anything at this point...

    What’s more worrying is the followers on insta rising. Unless that’s folks from on here I’m worried a few people will end up buying these bikes with their wild markups.

  • They’ve produced some more stickers


New carbon bikes into UK

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