• We’ve got it (w/o your 2nd clue, for the record!)

  • Old: Whitefriars and Northcliffe—preserved bit of the Whitefriars’ building, Magpie Lane

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  • I’m guessing n the city. Can someone pm me where to join a team please

  • New: a few hundred years late for a dip, it’s locked

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  • I’m bowing out, duty calls. It’s been fun!

  • Old: bishopsgate institute
    New: where Lenny met Joe, (or where Judy met Cate)

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  • Old: Roman baths, Surrey Street, off the Strand
    New: hunger for dead boards

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  • Judi with an i, sorry

  • Hey team B how's it going? We are flagging...thinking next tag is the last one then meet back at LMNH?

  • Something about adjudicate? We’re stumped. Looks a bit like St Brides, but so do all of Wren’s churches.

  • Where Vladimir met Joseph

  • We’re one ahead (ie we know the board one), but can’t get the pub/church. More clues please, one more tag and back to LMNH?

  • By the 3 Kings!

  • Scandalous! Will think of a clue

  • You're very very close, geographically

  • Finally. The Crown Tavern on Clerkenwell Green, with St James’ church in the background.

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  • New: no “penny”s to be had; chop chop, then back to LMNH!

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  • Slightly embarrassingly we have lost Oliver in the hurly burley around Trafalgar Square. The skateboard graveyard on the Hungerford Bridge. We’re going to head for LMNH now.

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  • Old: Craft House, Exmouth Market
    New: look mum no tags

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  • Come back Oliver!

  • No-one will get dropped. A team that drops anyone will lose automatically. :)

    We won then!!!!!

  • Yes—no excuse really, just bad teamwork. I enjoyed that game, thanks everyone!

  • Right, that was good, apart from the slight hiccup at the end. And yes, as I said at Look Mum, Team A won because of it, because that was actually the only victory condition that was set. :)

    For the next one, some small additional rules:

    (1) Mandatory lunch break 12-1, no tagging allowed.

    (2) Teams must stay together, which was the only thing that didn't work today.

    (3) I think the general difficulty of tags was OK, we just struggled with two of them, but that was our fault, really. Some clues I still don't get, though--why was 'wait, there's a map' a clue for the London Metropolitan Archives? (Obviously, there were clues in the picture, but I just found that confusing.) Maybe we need a 'no clever clues' rule. :)

    Great to meet aglet and Dibble, and good see branwen and hoefla, too.

    Shame Settle didn't manage to find us, and that we didn't have Tenners, or indeed skydancer (although I'm given to understand there were potential obstacles to your attendance :) ).

    Anyway, good fun, let's think of another occasion to do the next one!

  • looks like fun. well done all

  • The main thing I know about the Metropolitan Archive is there are lots and lots of amazing old maps in there

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2021-09-04 10am Bicycle Tag of Bike 10-year Jubbly Ride of Jubilee, meet at Look Mum No Hands

Posted by Avatar for Oliver Schick @Oliver Schick