• I've set a date for this, the 4th September. Let's meet at 10am at Look Mum No Hands, 49 Old Street:


    The teams will set off together to claim their first tags, then tag something else. I think we might be able to get about five tags in before we reconvene at Look Mum.

    Lists are towards the end of the thread, so put your name down if you'd like to come.

    Older post:

    What I posted in the main thread:

    So, while we have a small lull, how about this. I thought about this last year, as the thread was started in 2010, but failed to get anything going in February, then the pandemic hit, and of course the game didn't originally take off until more than a year later, in March 2011.

    But yeah, should we celebrate our ten-year jubilee, however belatedly, when restrictions are lifted? I thought of maybe having two groups, each with a starter tag that the group leaders do beforehand and where the groups meet. Then both groups do new tags and try to get each other's, up to maybe five or six tags (not really sure how long each would take), before both go back to Look Mum for drinks. A reasonable limit would seem to be the Inner Ring Road, retags allowed, although not on the day.

    I'm sure not everyone would want to meet strangers off the Internet anytime soon even without official restrictions in place, so it may be stupid to bring it up now, but I think it could be fun.



    Previous rides:


    Previous organisers: @KT_Bee (who may not be able to make it because of KT_Baybee), @Katie-coo, @LongAndWinding, and probably loads of others who only became involved more as the threads went on.


    @ric_a5 suggested:

    Can each team not have people at home to act as a searcher and dispatcher?


    Interested so far: @Backstop, @Dibble, @aglet, @brokenbetty, @mashton, @ric_a5, @KT_Bee.

  • KT_Bee said:

    I’d love to be involved. @LongAndWinding organised taggy cat, which was a bit more off an alley cat, as I recall we each went and got a tag, reconvened at LMNH and then had to go and find the others. We also did a few nighttime rides of our favourite tags and @oat44 and I did a ride incorporating some underground tags. Am sure there are lots of different ways of cutting it to make more socially distanced for those who’d prefer. Should we take it to another thread so as not to disturb the flow?


  • currently sitting on the sidelines as a very occasional johnny-come-lately btober.

  • Yes please, will there be prizes?

  • I occasionally get involved with BTOB, but am always up for a bit of fun. In.

  • Cool, looks like we'll have good-sized teams. What does everyone think of the rules in the OP? It's meant to be like a simple, non-competitive version of the Taggy Cat. Have a look at ric_a5's suggestion above, too.

  • I don't know, I didn't envisage it as a win-lose game, but if people want there to be scoring of some kind, or base it on which team gets back to Look Mum first, make suggestions.

  • I want marks for Artistic Impression ( like ice dance) tags that link to the last or are interesting score more.

  • when restrictions are lifted

    I admire your optimism.

    Anyway, in, as long as I don't have to lug my two usual tag companions around, otherwise I'll hold everything up.

  • Enjoy it whilst you can my 17 year old wishes to enter and humiliate us with his athleticism.

  • Good idea. Can you work out a method of scoring that?

  • Great stuff.

    otherwise I'll hold everything up

    Everything apart from @brokenbetty. :)

    And just to be clear, I think riding speed should ideally be a minor factor. Tag ingenuity and city knowledge should be worth more, I think (*if* people want to make it competitive, which I don't have a clear sense of yet).

    Then again, obviously the spirit of the game should be for tags that we can do within the time we have, and not ridiculously clever stuff.

  • I reckon slowest team wins a bag or crisps, then at least I'll be in with a chance. The more chilled the better, tagging has very much been a chilled out thing to do for me. Be good to have a beer.

  • I find the bit in between being at the tag and laying the next one to be extremely stressful. The balancing act between finding somewhere fun(-ish), and it taking too long and risking being beaten to the punch… and then image uploads being a little hit and miss is the cherry on the top

  • Maybe themed rounds rather than open tags?

    Table tennis table
    Nearly blank brick wall

  • Rounds are a great idea

  • The idea of the game is beyond me, but I'm in whatevs.

  • Rounds are a fantastic idea.

  • I'd be happy to get some tags however it works. In!

  • So, I'll take that as an endorsement to have themed rounds.

    No-one's commented on ric_a5's suggestion above, so I don't suppose people want that?

    Anyway, I want to keep it simple--just two teams going round, with the limit the Inner Ring Road, starting with a tag that the opposite team's leader has done and posted on the thread, then doing a new one and posting that up on the thread, too, so that the other team have to get it. Then one of the teams sets a theme, both do that round, then the other team sets a theme. Perhaps let's just see how long it all takes and then decide on the fly when to stop. Does that sound OK to everybody?

    Based on the interest so far, it looks as if we'll have teams of 6-7, but the more the merrier for this one.

    The only question concerns the date, really. Should we wait until the official easing of restrictions in July? I'm actually not up-to-date on what you can or can't do currently, so I'd better read up on that, or someone please tell us. If we can already officially do it, we should probably just pick a date relatively soon.

  • I'm actually not up-to-date on what you can or can't do currently

    6 indoors, 30 outdoors

  • Cheers, so we could set a date now, but I want to know what people would prefer.

  • I got my second dose of AstraZeneca this morning, and would prefer to let that settle for a week or so—although I have not found any peer-reviewed data to justify that… first half of July? Don’t expect any eyeball licking even then

  • Don’t expect any eyeball licking even then

    Oh well. Out.

  • Great plan Oliver
    @moorhen and I would like to play though toward end of July onward works best for us

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2021-09-04 10am Bicycle Tag of Bike 10-year Jubbly Ride of Jubilee, meet at Look Mum No Hands

Posted by Avatar for Oliver Schick @Oliver Schick