what to do with this velodrome wood?

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  • So my local velodrome is in the process of getting a new track and I managed to get a hold of some pieces of the old one. The good pieces with the black, red an blue lines were already taken, but i did manage to take home a piece of the Six Day Series advertisement that was painted on the upper part corner 2. Coincidentally the place where most of my pics are taken. I also got a large piece of the grey area (4 feet square approx.).

    Now I lack of imagination, so the only thig to do with it is make a bench or small table. Someone else came up with the nice idea of a rack to hang your helmet and other (bike) stuff. But maybe the folks on here can think of something more brilliant? Wood be much appreciated cough.

    Being a former outdoor track, I would guess that outdoor furniture is a possibility. Supposedly the type of wood is iroko, of which wikipedia says that it's very durable and is very good for using outdoors, but blunts tools easily and fucks up your airways if you machine it. So what could possibly go wrong? It weighs a ton btw. All suggestions are welcome!

    Edit: good news, the wood type is actually afzelia, which is a bit less harsh and doesn't necessarily cause asthma. Also a bit less water resistant though, but that should be okay.

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  • That’s so cool! I’d personally keep it simple and make a nice table - possibly with steel hairpin legs?

  • A table is probably the right call but is it about the right size for a bed headboard?

  • Might be a stupid question, but how curved is the wood? Headboard also a nice idea

  • I saw this bike wall in Amsterdam .

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  • It's not very curved actually, as the surface compared to the full corner is quite smal. I wouldn't calibrate a spirit level on it, but if it were made into a table, a glass of wine would stay upright I think, though the peas may roll to the side of your plate.

  • Yes, the Meesterknecht shop did a good job there. Absolutely awesome. Bikes are going the wrong direction though :))

  • It's a sign off good luck when bikes are leaving the shop .

  • Lol that's brilliant. Unfortunately didn't work out for them...

  • Have they closed down then ?

  • Yes, years ago already. There is a shop in Woudenberg by the same name, but no idea if it's from the same owner.

  • Yeah the last time I was there was I think 4 years ago ,shame nice shop

  • Bloody hell I put the wood in my storage and when I got out my bike this morning I almost fainted of the terrible smell. Hopefully it doesn't smell like that when I make a table or something for in the house :/

  • How’s it going? Hope you haven’t fainted every day since the last post…

  • Ha! The worst smell went away after a week or so fortunately. Still a bit stale but doable to get the bike out. No furniture yet, but I've made contact with a bloke willing to help.
    Meanwhile the new track is coming along, although the new wood is not of a world class quality.

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  • Won’t it be filled, sanded and lacquered? Looks like pine, wonder how long it’ll last.

  • Pine indeed. And yes it will be smoothed, it's just that I'm scared to death for splintering. Hope they don't paint it grey on the upper half like the old one. Can't wait to ride it though, it's been a while...

  • Getting there

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  • Very cool photo.

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what to do with this velodrome wood?

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