Is this bike shop ripping me off?

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  • Frozen sausages?

  • Haha, mate, if you think I’m the one being touchy and sensitive then you need to self-reflect more. Everyone who’s posted is doing you a favour, act a bit grateful at least.

    I remember your handle. I and a couple others here helped you patiently several months ago with another bike issue. I figured you were having a tough time last time, but I’m less inclined to put up with you now.

    Learn to use Google.

  • Get yourself a top lawyer and take this case to the High Court.
    Alternatively, improve your Google skills, learn to shop around and watch a couple of YouTube videos on how to change a tyre.

  • Looks like you're still owed some KFC

  • If you’re asking direction and legal advise from people you don’t know on the internet, maybe make it more of a habit to stop and think for a minute.

    You buy a can of coke from Tesco for £1; you then buy the same can of coke from a corner shop that’s £1.50.
    Here’s the really amazing thing. That corner shop can charge £10 if they wanted to!

    Crazy huh?

  • You are and your reply shows you are. Don't condemn me. You and everyone else as well post for help here. This is a forum to give and take help. I am not acting ungrateful. That is just your perception.

    You are easily offended, hurt, touchy, hot temper, judgemental, condemn and criticize others. YOU SIN, MAKE WRONGS, MISTAKES AND ARE A BEGINNER EVERY NOW AND THEN! Grow up! Since you want to find faults on me, I will do the same. I will ignore you from now.

    Change your character, personality and look at the mirror before judging, condemning and criticizing others. YOU ARE IMMATURE!


  • No KFC for a "hypocritical perfectionist"

  • This isn't really an answer for "What are your answers everyone? Do you guys recommend I should take legal action or do something serious at this LBS for cheating and taking advantage of me?" but it is much better and nicer than that user's reply above.

    Let's say you don't know much or are inexperience before getting cheat by the corner shop, you found out the truth and right information after, will you not fight and do something about the money that corner shop cheat you?

  • Take legal action against everyone in your life for letting you be such an idiot.


  • The Schwalbe is a better tyre than the second one , both are low quality , Im sure you where told the price before you bought anything so the fault if there is any is with you.

  • They’re not. I was pretty new to cycling when I joined this forum and only found people supportive.

    You should learn to change a tyre or you’ll forever feel ripped off.

    If you don’t like changing tyres and you want to be able to fit a pair and not worry about punctures, buy some schwalbe marathon plus. They are very hard wearing. All you will need to do is pump them up once a fortnight.

  • buy some schwalbe marathon plus

    this is good advice Panda1 - do it.

  • Just loving this thread. You asked for a price to complete a job. You accepted that price and the contract is complete as the work was completed as agreed.
    If you think you were rip off then vote with your feet and don’t use the store again. If you must then leave a review against the store.
    You want to start legal action for a £45 bill? Good luck, the only winners will be the lawyers who’ll make £45 look like a dot.
    Changing a tyre is a simple a simple process. There are plenty of places online to learn. And as for not having the space? If you get a puncture out on the road you would have to take the tyre on and off to replace a tube so it is possible to simply change it on the street. Don’t forget to dispose of the old tyre responsibly.
    As for the forum members? I’ve read nothing here that is anything but helpful or frustration at your (capitalised) reaction to their posts.

  • This sounds a lot like someone on another cycle forum I occasionally browse who was asking about brakes in much the same way... all down to the forced questionable English and random sections of capitals. Turned out they were taking the piss in the end. What are the chances it's the same person...

  • Tynan was my first thought

  • If this is a windup it’s pure theatre, I kinda suspected the sweet touch of Tynan on the last thread Panda1 started.

    @hippy , is it possible to replace all of @Panda1 posts with gifs of baby pandas falling over and generally being awesome? Would be much more beneficial content for the community I feel...

    edit- great minds think alike etc

  • Definitely good advice above. Marathon plus and Panaracer pasela tp are extremely tough tyres and can be found online for as little as £22 but full rrp is £30 which is probably what most LBS will charge for them. Maybe up to £35 in some shops which would be expensive for what they are but its only really a rip off if they charge you £35 for one and the the next customer £25 for the same tyre. If they are charging everyone £35 then are they ripping everyone off or just an expensive shop ? If its the latter i don't think legal action is required just find another shop. Bad news is almost all bike parts including tyres are getting more expensive.

  • If you are taking this at face value you might want to tweet a few headlines from The Onion. Or write to the BBC and complain about an old series of theirs called Brass Eye.

  • Good grief I've just seen the other threads. Gotta be a wind up.

  • you sinners!

  • Turned out they were taking the piss in the end. What are the chances it's the same person...

    Ha! Sadly, this poster is representative of so many IRL bike users that it didn’t even register as a possible troll. The caps and broken English are pretty much fripperous, they don’t add style or affect how convincing the troll is.

    They still owe me KFC though. May their soul be bound to my service until they pay up.

  • Well this is just delightful

  • Is troll, ignore

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Is this bike shop ripping me off?

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