Is this bike shop ripping me off?

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  • About 6 weeks ago, I changed my bike tyre(Viking VX750) for £45 at a normal bike shop. I asked the guy for tyres and prices and he told me a middle range tyre that can last for 1 or 1 and a half year cost £46. He gave me a £1 reduction. 3 weeks ago, I asked a staff(Probably the manager) at Cycle King and he told me charges £15 for tyre and THE QUALITY IS PRETTY MUCH THE SAME as the one I previously changed. After this, I have suspicions that the bike shop might be ripping me off, maybe because I seem as a bike beginner, ask many questions etc. However, I don't have A LOT OF KNOWLEDGE, INFORMATION AND EXPERIENCE about bikes and cycling therefore I do not want to make a fast and haste judgement or write a bad review on the bike shop. My judgement may be wrong. Hence, I want to get advice and opinions of fellow cyclists here.

  • Fair question, but which tyres are you taking about.
    Not all tyres are the same quality.

  • Check the side wall of your tyre and post here what you see. The brand, model and size all can point us to what sort of price you would expect to pay.

  • As I said, tyres for Viking VX750 bike.

  • Brand:Viking
    Size:Not sure but standard size

  • No, the question is what is the brand of tyre not the bike

  • The normal bike shop one is Schwalbe. I am not sure if Cycle King tyre has a brand. The characters on the tyre are "Rotation" and the others are numbers.

  • Did you get a receipt? If not, you can post a pic of the entire tyre from both sides here, we might be able to ID it.

  • In general, you’re not normally going to get a mid range tyre for an adult bike for £15. £45 would get you a good tyre, although it’s on the high side of what you should expect to pay.

    I can understand you’d be upset, but there is the possibility that the shop that charges you £45 actually sold you what they thought was best for whatever circumstances you described.

  • Who fitted the new tyre?

  • Unless you are physically unable to change a tyre I think paying anyone to do this is not value for money as it’s pretty easy to do.

    Asking questions about maintenance on forums like this will teach you all you need to know and prevent you from feeling ripped off 👍

  • Here are the pictures of the tyre. The front tyre is from Cycle King and the back one is from a bike shop.

    2 Attachments

    • New local bike shop tyre.jpg
    • New Cycle King tyre.jpg
  • Then why does Cycle King sell a SAME GOOD QUALITY tyre for only £15?

  • The shops.

  • 1 problem is the property I am living in is shared property. So it is difficult to practice and do things with my bike that requires a big space.

  • Did you pay £45 for both including installation or was it for just 1 tyre?

  • A schwalbe blackjack is a £15-20 tyre.

  • Didn’t even line the tyre up with the valve for £30. Pish.

  • £45 is tyre and fitting from a normal bike shop and £25.49(£10.49 for fitting) is for tyre and fitting from Cycle King.

  • I’m not sure if you realise that writing with all caps comes across as aggressive.

    I understand your point, my point is that £7-19 is low range, £20-35 is mid range, £36-50 is high range, and above that it’s expensive and/or specialty tyres. Finding a tyre that is middle of the range in quality for bottom range price is not the norm.

    In any case, if I’m understanding correctly, the shop charged you £45 for a Schwalbe Black Jack? That’s madness.

  • Is a Swalbe Black Jack a bad, average or good quality tyre? Is the LBS cheating me? Do I need to take a legal action or something to punish this LBS?

  • You know the term LBS and can navigate a bike forum but can’t google the price of a schwalbe black jack?

  • Don't be touchy and sensitive. I use caps to emphasize.

    I remember the owner telling me £45 is for tyre and fitting.

    So the LBS cheat me!? If this is true, should I take legal action or any serious action against this LBS for cheating and taking advantage of me? I suspect a strong reason/one of the reasons he cheat and take advantage of me(If he is) is because he sees me as a foreigner.

  • Do I need to take a legal action or something to punish this LBS?

    I think a class action lawsuit is in order, personally.

  • What are your answers everyone? Do you guys recommend I should take legal action or do something serious at this LBS for cheating and taking advantage of me?

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Is this bike shop ripping me off?

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