Tour de France 2021

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  • Can't wait for Netflix series! I expect there will be a lot of drama and fights

  • Yeah, me too.
    He’s won 34 out of 202 Tour de France stages he’s entered.

    I think around 65 sprint stages, so he’s won over half of the stages he’s actually tried to win. Over 14 years.
    Outrageous talent and longevity.

  • +1 to the not enough in the tank theorem

  • Got to be something in the barriers thing too.

    A bad injury now and it’s probably game over, also it just the impact of having kids and age combined, would he have taken that risk a few years ago, probably.

    Only so many times you can face getting smashed into a barrier I suppose.

  • After all the praise he’s given him, loses faith in Morkov at the crucial moment in the finale.

    And the time before when he did the same thing he won the stage. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

  • Great day for Slovenians, one in yellow, another one in blue­6r0

  • That was a two up sprint with Zoetemelk after they broke away from the rest of the field.

  • Easy to judge from the chair. Can't win them all, unless you're WVA. Wow, wout just reminding us he's the best. Amazing

  • No, that was in '79. In '82, he actually won the bunch sprint. #clickthelinkprovided

  • Seems weird using a full body suit and then tying a watch off around your neck.

    Where's Bigham and his waterproof Notio?

  • Here's a list of the Champs-Élysées winners since the introduction of that finish:­%89lys%C3%A9es_stage_in_the_Tour_de_Fran­ce#Winners

  • Those overshoes don’t look UCI legal

  • Yeah I’m not convinced Morkov was the right wheel yesterday, but he seems to think so. It’s a courteous way to end a great run as a team, though. He’s consistently referred his wins to the train and owned his losses recently.

    If they can hold that group together for another year he’d be odds on to get at least a stage in 2022, on a similar parcours. Unless Bora goes full on for Bennett, but I hope they let those lads go in the breakaways. Politt’s win was one of my favourites.

  • Is Bennett back to Bora a confirmed move?

  • Made me realise I don't know enough about caisson disease.

  • I think Ineos badly missed Ganna and/or Dennis, and I still don't see why Bernal did the Giro and not the Tour. I still think if we see a full-strength Ineos team next year, along with a full-strength JV, then it will be much closer (assuming the main guys can stay upright). Lots of ifs, granted, but it does seem like the stars aligned for Pog this year. Take nothing away from him - he was clearly the strongest rider in the race - but everything just fell into place in a way I'm not sure it will again.

    I'd have thought Cav has to do 1 more season/Tour. The prospect of Merckx's record, and the salary he can doubtless command now, makes it a straightforward decision, I'd have thought.

    I have nothing against Froome, unlike some, but I think he should retire at this point tbh. He's not getting any younger and it's a bit sad to see him a shadow of the rider he once was.

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  • He wanted lager, not champagne.

  • strava upload corrupted

  • He spent almost as much time pulling for Cav as Declercq in the 3 weeks, must have been gutted :)

    Wasn't it seven years at QS for him?

  • Don't cry because it's over Petr, smile because it happened...

  • That looks like Philipsen to me.

    Why would Vakoc place another rider's helmet on his bars?

  • Yes I have a lot of work on today.

  • from left to right

    1. Anthony Bordian
    2. Chris from Accounts
    3. Posh Spice
    4. Prince William
    5. Ryan Giggs
  • ginger pidcock

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Tour de France 2021

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