Tour de France 2021

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  • I've not seen anything on the road that suggests Movistar are on the juice

    ice cold

  • And areCav

    It was in Pau so a raid/positif were nailed on; Reuters cycling journo said there were dozens of officers and they finished searching at 2am

  • I've not seen anything on the road that suggests Movistar are on the juice

    bruuuutal did lol

  • ouch

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  • Seems pretty harsh making him to do the cleaning too

  • If Carapaz had stolen the stage victory it would have been as scandalous as his refusal to ride and then attack.

    Nonsense imo. On team Carapaz (read: team andyp) on this totally. Why attack before a point at which you can actually (theoretically) hold off the opposition? Likening bluffing tiredness to a professional foul is ridiculous when a pair of teams can line up across the road to block people attacking to join a breakaway.

  • If Pog and Vinegar didn’t want Carapaz sat on the back of their group they should have either dropped him or sat up. Sandbagging on the back of a group is an accepted tactic in cycling and if the other members of the group were pissed off then it shows Carapace* had the right idea. It’s a race not some ad hoc TTT to steal the Strava KOM.

    *autocorrect but I like it

  • Nothing wrong with bluffing. But not earning any sympathies from the other riders there. Next time he attacks it may be more than Movistar up for sabotaging him.

  • Pogacar was funny in his post stage interview. He said Vingegaard told him he thought Carapaz was bluffing, and Pog answered 'I know'.

  • I don’t think Pogacar have a damn about them sitting on. He knew he’d win the stage.

    Having Uran protecting a podium place doesn’t do him any favours because EF haven’t got the team to do many favours today.

    Ho hum. This week has been so predictable. At least we’ve had the KOM and green jersey contests to add some intrigue but that doesn’t feel like a great payoff in the third week of a grand tour.

  • I can’t be arsed to trawl back almost two weeks, but people were defending Movistar on stage 7 after they chased down Carapaz as he was a rival to Mas’ podium ambitions. It was the wrong call at the time, and looks even more dumb with the benefit of hindsight.

  • tour dead since stage 8 imo sadly

  • They weren't defending it, just observing that is what Movistar were doing.

  • Pogacar also said that what Carapaz did was completely legitimate and part of racing. UAE will be chasing him down anyway if he attacks, so nothing has changed there.

  • Jumbo-Visma won’t be chasing him down as they barely have a team now.

  • Giro looked similarly inevitable from about the same point too.

    Pogacar is going to do the same in the Vuelta isn’t he?

  • Sir Wiggo saw it completely the other way, and was surprised Pogacar hadn't gifted the stage win. I would like to see a debate between him and York on the unwritten rules of cycling.

  • This is only being discussed because there’s not much else to write about and there are column inches (web space) to fill.

  • Hasn’t Carapaz jumped Mas in the GC since then?

  • Wout and Vingo to go on an early attack up the Tourmalet. Wout takes polka points and jersey, leads Vingo on the descent and as far as he can up the final climb. Vingo wins stage. Pog attacks 3km from finish to blow the GC group apart and finish 2nd.

  • As a tongue out, huffing and puffing wheelsucker from way back I applaud his acting. It didn't pay off but it was worth a shot.

  • You forgot about Cadel.

  • feel like wiggo would be a powerful poster

    maybe TGH can ask him to sign up

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Tour de France 2021

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