Tour de France 2021

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  • I’ve had a pound on Stuyven at 250/1. Hoping he goes amid the chaos and everyone looks around. Could happen. Won’t happen.

  • It was very improbable that someone would take the KOM jersey off Schelling, as it would mean being first over the line in both ascents of the Mur.
    But MVDP...

  • forecast: rain and thunder storms

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  • I want MVDP in yellow everything. Let him enjoy his time in the sun.

  • I figured, paint wouldn’t be dry in time if they did it yesterday would it? Could you imagine the reaction of MVDP was on tv with yellow paint smeared all over him.

    Love the idea of an exhibition, someone should make that happen.

  • 300 of the last 400m is slightly downhill before levelling out, going to be a fast one

  • Important update; MVDP in mainly black bibs, with yellow detailing­09464663075700743?s=21

  • Must try harder.

  • There must be something really sad about those bikes built up with all the expectation and then never used.

    The yellow TJV bike that was built up for Paris last year must have been cold and lonely.

    It's like when you see football teams roll out the "Champions" banners and realise there must have been a lot of them sheepishly put back onto buses after a disappointing loss.

  • Yeah, there is usually an air or shame/embarrassment around them, and is exactly why they often never see the light of day, and are subsequently hidden away in a cardboard box somewhere for eternity.

    There is also a normally a bit of quarrelling between manufacturers and pro team as to who actually owns frames/bikes of this nature that never get used. Most teams would prefer to pretend that they never existed, where as manufacturers would likely prefer to have on display at offices etc.

  • I think there is also a positive take that whoever they were intended for was backed and believed in to at least some degree.
    That’s nicer surely than getting Yellow and not having the fanfare in someways.

  • I have three frames of this nature currently boxed up in my storage room. I hope they don’t stay in those boxes forever, but that’s not for me to decide.

  • hidden away in a cardboard box somewhere for eternity

    I wonder why they don’t just strip the paint or names off. It’s not like it’s a special bike otherwise, except in cases where’s there’s more history to why X rider didn’t win etc.

    Just donate them to sub-saharan Africa like the NFL do with their Super Bowl losers’ kit.

  • How much storage do you charge for these at yours?

  • Charge my employer for storing their own stuff in their own storage space?
    Makes total sense.

  • Charge

    Bring back

  • They came back last year.

  • user hoops are any of these frames a 54 👀

  • Didn’t Gallopin’s team (Lotto?) get caught on the hop the year he went into yellow?

    I vaguely remember them getting Ridley to do a quick overnight paint job.

  • G................ crashes #commentary

    collar looks popped imo #insight

  • Holy fuck.

  • Gesink out.

  • G back on the bike, but not looking comfortable.

  • Tony Martin getting wiped out again breaks my heart.

  • Kruiswijk hurt?

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Tour de France 2021

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