Tour de France 2021

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  • this is an elaborate marketing campaign by netflix

  • Something to do with Movistar thinking Kwiatkowski caused a crash in the feed zone, apparently

  • They would have let it go but one of them heard Kwiatkowski say “damn you old” to Valverde and they made a pact to hunt him down and get vengeance for their immortal talisman

  • Hopefully the beginning of some Ineos/Movistar beef

  • LOL, thought crossed my mind, maybe this whole Olympic mtb plan was a big hoax all along to mislead the competition. But I think he'll lose it today and be gone by Tuesday

  • Mas crashed in the feed zone, believed that Kwiatkowski was to blame.

    Edit: As @mrJL already said.

  • Ineos management don’t do beef, sadly.

  • I reckon he’ll abandon today and race the XC WC up the mountain at Les Gets tomorrow.

  • Thought you couldn't touch another rider so dq to the movistar rider waiting on the line to remonstrate.

  • ARE CAV was hugging every person he came across which I thought was quite risky given covid

  • Gotta win somehow #seanofthedead

  • cunning plan!

  • ‘Valverde’ I said yesterday afternoon.

  • Early flat white opposite this bike augurs WVA in yellow later today.

  • We’ll see if MVDP can climb with the GC guys today.

    It'll probably depend on whether WVA can, because in that case MVDP will have the motivation to be there, too. :)

  • Movistar are such little bitches.

  • Anything you can do, I can do better.
    My dad is faster than your dad, etc
    My granddad is faster than your granddad, etc, etc

  • is that language necessary?

  • We got there just in time to see Cavendish win again, which, yeah, unbelievable, right?

    I can’t believe what a great writer she is.

  • Even if that's not the case (I dunno) doing it front of a bunch of photographers like that is really dumb, and does nothing to change Movistar's (rightly or wrongly earned) image.

    Somebody needs media training (which I know Ineos riders do get).

  • Cryptic crossword thread >>>>>

    (Hope you enjoyed the croissants)

  • I mean, if you take that line out of context and don't read the rest of the piece, sure, can't write for toffee, clearly.

    It’s an interesting phrase, to give all of oneself. There’s a libidinal element to it, an implied climax, an expected resolution, satisfaction. However, sometimes, it’s less of a climax and more of a collapse, a total ceding of the self to the body, to the havoc wreaked upon it by the world. Expiration with no glory. This weakness is also beautiful in its rawness, its honesty, it’s revealing nature. A man laid bare before the world. When Roglič arrived at the finish, his expression was one of anguished resignation, and in what other context are such private moments in people’s lives revealed so viscerally?

    I think the point of that line was to deliberately set out her feelings in the most simplistic and vernacular way, no?

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Tour de France 2021

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