• Ok Hive-mind, I have tried to fit a Pletscher twin leg kick stand to my wife's Cannondale e-bike and although bought the one fir 700c wheels when the stand was deployed the front wheel was about a foot in the air!
    We need one to keep the bike stable when loading/ unloading the panniers, hence the twin leg style. There is a plate behind the BB which would be the preferred mounting point due to electric cables and hydraulic hoses on the chain stays.

    Help and suggestions gladly received

  • Shorten the legs?

  • ^this usually helps loads. Also find that a steering limiter/spring mod on underside of downtube to front fork mudguard hole is helpful to avoid front wheel floppy as well.

  • The Pletscher twin leg kick stand has marks to cut the legs to required length according to wheelsize or personal preferences. No thumb rule here as the OD of wheel depends on tyre size so better do an initial cut, mount the kickstand again on the bike and check (on a flat surface) how much the front wheel lifts from the ground. If still too much, then proceed to repeat the process until you get to the required height. Metal saw would suffice to cut the aluminium legs (round the edges of cut legs with a file). Use the plastic end caps for this twin model which (surprisingly) are not included with the kickstand.

    As @goosenoose suggests a front stabilizer helps a lot to prevent a flopping front wheel.

    I will say leave no more than 5cm from front wheel to the ground as it will help to keep bike stable when you are on an uneven surface (mostly all the time) and you will have a good chance of both wheels touching the ground. But as I said is a matter of personal preferences.

  • That makes total sense! Unfortunately I have just sent this back so will re-order the 27.5 one and see how that goes, if it's still too big we can chop a bit off the legs.
    There is only 30mm difference between the two sizes so didn't think the smaller one would make enough difference.

    Many thanks for that @Greasy_Paws

  • The wheel being so high off the ground was the main issue, I will try the mods mentioned in this thread then look into stabilizing the front wheel if needed

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Can anyone recommend a kickstand for my wife's very small e-bike?

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