old GT Karakoram MTB rat bike, single speed 'thing'

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  • Long time lurker but lazy arse poster to my shame, too busy faffing with cargo bikes over the years... I put this together recently to tidy up the parts I had but don't really have the space to keep it. Thought somebody on here might appreciate it, or hate it in equal measure :)

    It's got the following:

    Some really nice Mavic D521's, rear has a Sunn Sealed bearing hub which is especially sweet.
    Onza Tuf Guy trials forks
    Big Schwalbe Smart Sams- the largest I could (just about) squeeze into the frame
    Kore Stem, Club Roost bars
    Some Truvativ cranks that I dremelled a bit to squeeze in a larger middle ring
    Magura front brake - more than enough to stop it
    Slightly mangy but comfy Specialized saddle
    Chinese Ebay special flat pedals

    Very minor issue is getting the rear wheel out. It's a slight PITA as it's a 130mm hub it seems. I couldn't add a longer axle and redish as the one fitted is tapered to fit the sealed bearings. It just needs a bit of a squeeze to tighten the rear wheel after removing, that's all.

    It sort of rides like a 26" BMX (44:16 gearing), it's been my go to bike the last couple of weeks. It's a laugh to thrash about on but I just don't have storage for another ride.

    It owes me £200 all in, so that's what I'll ask for. Hit me with any questions...

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  • Rad to the power of fully sick, brah

  • yeah sweet ride. sweet rims too. great price. No mech hanger?

  • Looks like there's one to me. Zoom in?

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  • Ah yeah so there is, nice. Must resist. It won't last long at £150! GLWS

  • I'd already have bought it if I wasn't actively trying to get rid of stuff

  • Nah, no mech hanger sadly.

    These earlier GT frames used a non generic one that was easily lost and now super hard to find... That kind of took it in the SS direction you see it. Chain length is spot on with a half link :D

  • Ah well then, maybe it's just a trick of the chain wrap that I'm seeing. Or the hole for a hanger?

    I'm sure you could get one made to work if the hanger itself can't be found. SS ftw though.

  • Just amended the price slightly, I realised that my build sums were totally wrong. Really hope I'm not coming across as a dick. Been furloughed for an eternity (not helped by the fat blonde's latest announcement) and just want to cover what I've spent.

    Over in E4 by the way. Can probably ride it somewhere else to meet if that helps.

  • Chain length is spot on with a half link

    What do you mean by this? Can you half link these chains?

  • Yep, 3/32" half link. Not quite as easy to find as 1/8" but they're out there....

    I was chuffed that this worked, the missing mech hanger was making sorting the chain tension a headache. I did run it with a weird wheel axle mounted tensioner that I hashed up but it didn't look that great. I thought about using a ghost ring too.

    Still tempted to bodge a fixed cog on this if nobody wants it soon...

  • you have most likely just saved me using a chain tensioner on my ss 26er build, appreciate the info.

  • You can also cut/file some metal from the dropouts to give you a few more mm of adjustment while retaining the clean look.

  • Oh man, if only I was based in UK... Rad bike, bargain for this price if all works well.

  • ...

  • Is this still available?

  • Yeah it’s still with me. I’ve since switched the front brake to a red Tomac HS33 with a 2 finger lever. Otherwise it is as is :)

  • Sweet, where are you based and what’s the frame size?

  • I’m in E4, Highams Park :)

    Frame is a 16” in GT sizing, i.e centre to centre, I’m around 6 foot tall and ride it as you see it.

  • Still with me and riding nicely. I've since swapped out the Magura with a red Tomac version and 2 finger lever. Looks better I think. I'll throw on some new pictures later :)

    Can do this for £180 now if anybody is interested at all?

  • Still with me. Here is it with the replacement brake, taken on the ride home today.

    I've also some better Wellgo pedals coming in the post tomorrow to swap out with the Ebay specials

    Any takers?

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  • Hey, I would take this if you could post it? cheers

  • Yeah, postage is not a problem. I use Paisley Freight these days which is around £30 in the UK.

    I’ve just seen that my LBS has loads of boxes outside so I’m ready if you are :)

  • Yep. No problem, if you let me know your e mail address I will.sort payment with you. Cheers

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old GT Karakoram MTB rat bike, single speed 'thing'

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