• Land shark showing it’s fin as it rolls over majestically in the gravel.

  • Hahaha I love a good breach! I’m desperately trying to think of something for the sequoia in front of sequoias thread! Also trying to find a plant hire place for my steamroller with big block fork..

  • Blockwork on the workshop started today, roughly 5m x 7m, looks like it will be a good wee size when up

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  • Ooh exciting!

  • I know right?! Been told 3 weeks or so until the concrete slab for the floor is poured and 5 weeks until the frame starts going up, will be really interesting to see how a house sits there!

  • Getting much more of an idea of how things will feel in terms of layout now with the outlines of both buildings above ground now.
    Workshop blockwork finished and even space for the front door frame in the house!

    Wider blockwork around the porch as we’re having a local mason do the porch in stone so required wider support.

    Once all our stuff is out of that container the plan will be to move that to the other side of the workshop and convert and clad that so we’ve got a place for folk to stay, thinking solar panels and a compost toilet but that’s a long way off for now..

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  • For all the obvious reasons, subbed!

  • Since the last update there’s been more stone being compacted in the base before the insulation and underfloor heating piping at the end of this week and pouring the slab at the start of next.

    The windows and doors showed up unannounced and with nowhere to go on Saturday.. fortunately a neighbour lent us some space in her byre.. did lead to a very scary journey down a long driveway though!!

    In other news I have been getting my ass kicked trying to get this together on my weekends for what feels like a while but finally finished setting up a polytunnel for some year round veg. Plan to get a bigger sturdier one in time but chuffed with this for now!

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  • Why are there no trees anywhere?

    Is it too windy?

  • I refer you to post #68 of this thread.

  • Pretty much mate. The originals were chopped and unless there’s some good shelter they really struggle. There are some tucked behind walls and houses though but not many.. thought I’d miss them more than I have

  • Subbed

  • Why are there no trees anywhere?

    Bit of a tangent, but if you're interested in that sort of thing and how people have historically interacted with their environment, Collapse, by Jared Diamond is interesting.

  • Great to see the first courses go up!

  • That book sounds fascinating, cheers for the recommendation! I know, super exciting! They’re doing the last bit of compacting the stone today and laying the damp proofing and insulation and this afternoon the plumbers are coming out to lay the underfloor heating before they pour the slab next week.

  • Things move slowly up here.. can’t complain as we moved here for a slower pace of life.. that’s all the stone compacted and door frames cut out now which gives us a much better idea of layout. Today is damp proof membrane, radon barrier and the insulation getting set down and it’s tomorrow now the plumbers will be laying the underfloor heating. Finally managed to get all the cement we need for pouring the slab as the builder didn’t want to do all of the heating pipe work and stuff for it to sit exposed for a while.

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  • So cool

  • Lovely. Hoping there are lots of large windows planned for that view...

  • Thanks so much, so fucking exciting!

    @Soul oh yes, more glass than house on that back wall almost!

    Only one area got insulated yesterday and plumbers out Friday now, still need to get used to the pace here..
    2 inches of insulation around the edges as well, builder said it’s going to be a cosy house and with the way it’s set up the floor is almost going to act like a storage heater. Great to hear as should limit our drain on the system and lead to less battery cycles being used!

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  • Amazing thread.
    I have started doing some stuff on a (tiny) boat and been looking at all the Victron Energy stuff and wishing I had a bigger playground for it. They seem very, very helpful with the set of questions you had early on (though I suspect you are past that now)

  • Why did you decide on 2 buildings instead of one large one? just curious.

  • Just thinking of middle of winter when you have to grab that thing from the shed...

  • Less to heat? Plenty of stuff doesn't need heating.

  • ah cool

    good point.

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Off grid house build orkney - looking for help with system spec

Posted by Avatar for Creek_Tebsin @Creek_Tebsin