• incredible colours!
    well jel or whatever the cool kids say.

  • Wheres the LFGSS Bunkhouse going?

  • read it immediately. though you're living it so I guess it might not hold as much excitement as it does for me :)


  • “Where he kept several wild otters as pets” AMAZING!! we’ve got some locally but none that tame just yet, give it time..

    @bigshape haha I’m very much the wrong person to ask about what cool kids do, thank you though! The skies here can be just amazing!

    @Stoo61 a very good question, going to have a workshop full of bikes and tools which will make for a cosy space?

  • What a view, absolutely magical!

  • Wow that's really coming along!

  • Love this pic, great project

  • We’re still pinching ourselves! I don’t think I’ll quite believe it until we’ve been in for a while!

    @fc yeah fair jumping up isn’t it, can’t come soon enough, it’s starting to get rough up here.

    @abr yeah the two joiners are great, proper committed to the cause! Great guys as well and a significant percentage of the local volunteer fire brigade 👍🏻

  • Windows went in this week which was excellent to see. Aluminium clad timber frames and apparently a marine coating on all the metal which is good being so close to the sea. They’re double glazed, but with a really large gap between the two panes. We’ve been told they’re pretty much as effective as triple glazed but cost less while still having good u values. Still need some cill extenders to be mounted to the bottom to extend them past the cladding but they’re on their way.

    We got the water tank up as well, no plumbing anywhere yet but we needed it to be there before the dwangs went in.

    Had a day off the other day so got to help them do the foil taping now the insulation is going in. Walls seem like they’ll be super cosy, wool then 2 inch kingspan over boarded before the battons and plasterboard. They’ve built some 4 inch kingspan into the above ceiling heights parts above the bedrooms as well which should stop the high central area losing any of the heat we generate.

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  • Jesus - that’s a lot of rigid insulation. Bloody expensive stuff as I found out recently.

    Have you turned your underfloor heating on yet? I put ours on last week and the tradesmen were very happy with me.

  • 16 days ago, must have some update? Don't make us come out to you to get them 😂

  • Haha, surprising for what it is isn’t it?! I figure Amazon are probably sending out enough polystyrene to insulate a village every few hours for nothing!

    No, because of the off grid thing the panels and turbine will be among the last bits going in, just going to have to recommend many layers for them for now..

    @ChainBreaker unfortunately there hasn’t been much! Awaiting the second delivery of all the internal bits of the frame and the weather has just been too shit for exterior cladding..

    Met this little seal pup the other day, seems a lot of them were blown away from mums during the last storms. Checked with Orkney seal rescue though and they’re happy with how healthy this one looked. Also, it turns out my polytunnel is the pot of gold..

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  • nice thread

    just wanted to comment on this - my dad managed to get some small trees growing on the croft on south uist despite everyone else on the island telling him it would never work, the soil and the wind wouldn't allow it

    i think they just need extra TLC to make it work but it can work

  • Yeah you’re exactly right, they’ll manage here but need a lot of care and generally a walk or something to lean against/shelter them a little. I’ve put in some whitebeam along the fence line and would like to see how it holds up into the spring. Think if we put a bunch in at first that will also help so the ones around it break some of the wind. Thinking hazel and birch next and probably getting the slightly larger ones (60cm plus) so they’re relatively strong and the 15cm-60cm growth would probably take years up here haha

  • This looks great.. What is the wall build up?? Any details or specs?

  • I'm sure its not a patch on the book but the film version is here if anyone is interested. I've not watched it.

  • I still haven’t watched that so thank you for sharing, think that’ll be my Saturday night plans sorted.

    @Technics100 internally it’s 240mm wool, 2 inch rigid insulation overboarded then service cavity and plasterboard. I believe it’s the same in the roof spaces.

    Externally it’s just batten and board with larch cladding on the rear, knauf aquapanel exterior cement board with a silicone render sides and front and the porch is just going to be local stone.

    Then I believe it’s 400mm wool in attic spaces and not entirely sure what’s sitting high on the gable ends.. not sure if it’ll be a whole lot given the insulation to the vaulted area.

    Don’t think I’ve taken a picture since our back door went in either, makes the central area feel even brighter and there’s 3 velux to go in yet.

    That’s the larch cladding sitting inside, joiner was chuffed when he saw it and said it was really nice wood which made me smile.

    Also, I was late for an appointment today as I couldn’t get by the end of the road, this was my excuse, I love this place!

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  • What you using for Internet access? And was it generator power for electricity? (you probably did say, but I'm being lazy)

    *great interior photo. Epic scale

  • Dreamy

  • Just now we’ve got one of those 4g mifi router things, not perfect if both of us are working from home and on teams chats but really not bad at all.

    Yeah uh huh, they’re on a generator for now although the joiner loves his tools so has like 15 Makita batteries between them all. Generator seems to only be for the large saw and lighting right now.

  • Isn't technology great! You're LITERALLY on the outer reaches of civ and you got wifi

  • @ChainBreaker Haha yeah I know right, reckon I would be way more productive without it though.. I hope that in time I’ll just gradually tiptoe backwards away from it all..

  • What plans you set up for the impending zombie apocalypse? 😂

  • Haha, just a large barricade and a good crossbow I reckon

  • Arwen tried its best, but I think we were north of the worst of things. Still, cracking test for a half built house I reckon!
    And the polytunnel didn’t become an expensive kite so feeling rather lucky on both accounts.
    Nihil stayed in and got herself rather cosy..

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Off grid house build orkney - looking for help with system spec

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