• I live in a subtropical city on the other side of the world. Stuff like this makes lfgss so 👍
    Insulation is just insane.

  • Nice one bud, whereabouts are you? Yeah we’d have saved a fortune building somewhere warm haha. Joiner says everything needs overengineered up here to deal with the weather and the winds

  • Auckland. Coldest overnight we get is about 4 degrees a couple of times a year.
    And it's also one of the most unaffordable places in the world to buy a house. You chose well.

  • Haha, definitely couldn’t be considered that up here so guess you’re right. Because of the jet stream we don’t get as cold as other places this far north but the winds and rain can be crazy here and you only get like 4 hours of daylight for a couple months in the winter. Highest rate of fuel poverty in the country as well, old houses, harsh weather and not on the gas grid.. we’re interested in renewable energy but that also helped push us into trying an off grid build

  • There’s an out of hours boat you can book though so you can have a few pints in Kirkwall and still get back home the same night

    Then just a quick Uber home from the harbour?

  • Hahaha something like that..

  • They have an old deformed man with a cart standing by the pier

  • 4h/day, pfff. Try 1h/month. Best regards (not even northern) Sweden.

    Also, very jelly.

  • Great project.

    Out of interest, did your builder explain why he wasn’t running the UFH pipes under the toilet and what I assume are built-in storage?

    AFAIK it will just mean that circuit will have to work harder to warm that bit of the floor.

  • Ouch!! Furthest north I’ve been was hitching up to Yellowknife but that was the summer so light all the time! Seemed like some proper hardy folk up there though.

  • I think it might be something damp related but I’m not sure. I’m kind of gutted because I was working in the office that day and that could have been avoided.. but when I spoke with him about it he was happy there’s more than enough there though and that alongside the insulation level it will all retain the same ambient heat throughout without any trouble.

    Trusses and internal walls went up today, ran up at lunch to see the trusses but haven’t been up to see the walls yet. We had a massive rain cloud blow over in like 5 minutes and then back to sunny, great sky though!!

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  • Wow, what an inspiring build.

    You must be getting properly excited now, as it starts to become more house-shaped.

  • Thanks so much, yeah it all feels very dreamlike but standing inside rooms and feeling their size and walking through gaps for internal door frames gives a real sense of the space.

    Got incredibly lucky this morning and got the steel support beam across the middle for the vaulted space in and secured without a drop of wind (was gusting at 50-60mph at points this weekend!!)

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  • Besides cycling my hobby is looking at building sites and tracking process so this thread really ticks a lot of boxes!

  • Haha thank you, I should really do a series of different bikes on different parts of scaffolding, stay tuned!

    Got some of the legs fitted yesterday and they got the porch trusses up as well, it’s fascinating seeing the work that goes in!

    Also, here’s another one of wee nihil, any time she drinks water her face goes right in the glass first and she ends up with a wee water drop on her chin like she’s saving it for later..

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  • The UFH will work no doubt. I’m doing the labour on our system with oversight from our plumber. He was advocating covering as much of the subfloor as possible to let the system work evenly and efficiently.

    Even though everything is marked out, I’m convinced someone is going to catch the barrier pipe with a screw when the odd bit of stud work goes in but it’s a 65mm screed so the pipework is well below the surface.

  • That must be super interesting! Yeah I think that’s what I would have tried to force if I’d been around that day, a shame but I don’t think it will cause too much of a problem (fingers crossed very tightly!). The joiner took photos an measurements of everything that went in hoping to avoid exactly the same!

    One joiner is heading on holiday for a week so they wanted to get enough boards on yesterday so the other could work alone safely. They ended up staying until after dark, one of these photos is just their headtorches when they were doing the last of it! And we finally got an ok picture from the water when one of my partner’s colleagues went by on the way to the turbine.

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  • This looks incredible.

    Winter wind and storms will presumably be pretty interesting! You'll just hunker down inside cosy and warm and wait for them to blow over?

    I'm imagining towering waves beating down metres from your front door!

  • @lemonade Haha yeah I can’t wait just to hunker down and hide for the winter! We’d initially wanted one big bit of glass at the back of the house but no engineer would entertain that at all with the winds up here!

    We actually had to think about possible sea level rises when considering some bits of land. That photo from the water looks deceptive, I’d say we’re at least 10 or 12 metres above sea level so should be grand..

    They finished boarding and papering the roof yesterday and now we’re getting a proper idea of the vaulted space, I love it!

    Also, put all these offcuts from the roof legs together and really like it. Might keep it as a wee decoration for somewhere!

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  • Also, bullhorns in front of bulls with horns..

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  • Subscribed. What a glorious thing to be doing.

    Also, big fan of the matching pink bar tape 👌

  • Looks great!
    The vaulted space reminds me of northern German farmhouses where you have a full height entrance/staircase between living quarters and agricultural part.

  • Haven’t touched this in a while as with the school holidays both joiners were away with their families so hadn’t really been round, well apart from hiding all the kingspan inside and boarding it up to avoid some major winds recently! Really glad I wasn’t scouring the island for missing sheets of insulation!

    Started back this week and have the roof set for the metal roofing coming up which has just been ordered. They’ve also been putting up the fascias and soffits now and they’re started insulating and boarding over some of the internal walls when it rains. Doors and windows today!

    Had a stunning evening last night so grabbed some nice sunset photos, no filter and all that!

    @PeteJChurchill thanks so much, was back and forth with the pink tape but really love it now!

    @c.h.e. Thanks so much, I think that middle but is going to be rather nice when complete!

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  • I assume you've read it but I just started reading Gavin Maxwell's Ring of Bright Water which is brilliant and basically a lo tech version of this. Very jealous

  • No, I haven’t read that but will definitely have a wee look, thanks! Really wouldn’t have minded a lower tech version but so chuffed with how this is coming together

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Off grid house build orkney - looking for help with system spec

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