Vittorio Aero - Columbus Air

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  • 1x on a classy frame like that is the best.

  • Back from holidays.. I've acquired some cool stuff in the meantime. Unfortunately no plugs for my crazy Da ax handlebars. Some guy on Facebook makes them from resin but he's gone silent :( I might just use Cinelli bars from the RIH instead

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  • And just like that it's done! For now... I'll probably put the front derailleur on next time I have time for this. The chain falls off pretty easily, who would've thought :D

    As you can see my photography skills still haven't improved!

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  • Some more... (bike actually in focus, kinda)

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  • And why not one more... :)

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  • I'm really happy with how the handlebar section turned out! Safe to say wrapping handlebars is always a bit of a struggle for me to get it exactly right. I think this time around I've done a pretty good job at it. The cello tape just looks so cool and it kind off matches the blue aero bottle I got from Marktplaats, thanks to @damskodonny for linking it to me.

    I wasn't entirely sure about the cabling situation for the rear derailleur. Ended up using a lot of cable liner to do the job.

    Also, I still think it would be cool to build some low spoke count wheels for this.

  • So good

  • Love the combi of the thin seatstays and flat seattube

  • That's dope.

  • Thanks people! I'll try to take better photo's when it's 2x

  • Really beautiful bike!

  • amazing stuff!!

  • Absolute smokeshow!

  • All 2x and rideable right now (smartphone pic)

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  • Classy! What kind of riding do you plan to do on this?

  • Thanks, I plan to ride it on sunny recovery days, not too far, maybe to a cafĂ© or a nice meadow or swimming spot. Or maybe I'll enter one of those historical (larp, lol) cycling events? The fit is very long and low for me to be honest.

  • What's the size actually? If I may express my opinion, with the 2x it looks better, more complete. I find the time trial Riva you posted a while ago to be one of the most elegant examples of the early aero craze, but in that case it came with the 1x out of the workshop

  • I'll measure it up next time. I also think the 2x looks more balanced, mainly because the frame was intended for it.

  • I totally forgot you got the Vittorio.
    The moment it was on Marktplaats I was thinking about making a serious offer. But to many bikes already here.
    Your built turned out excellent. What a great bike. So many interesting details. And you put my favourite crankset on it. Top.

  • The old-skool position for the saddle is horizontal. That is the only thing I would change on your Vittorio.
    But if it is a matter of comfort, don't change it ofcourse.

  • Thank you! You're absolutely right about the saddle angle. I've already tilted the saddle a bit more forward since then. The saddle tilt you can see in the pic really put my hips in a bad position to lean forward. Hopefully the weather will be a bit more dry soon and then I can actually take it for a proper ride.

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Vittorio Aero - Columbus Air

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