Super Pista?

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  • Someone pointed me in the direction of this on another thread...­95/

    So I had a good look at my Miche chainset and can't see any cracks appearing, I'll keep a close eye on it though...

    Now I think about it, I remember my dad having at least two Stronlight cranks break. (Weaklight!)

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  • I don't care what anyone says, fatter tyres seem slower to me so I changed (please don't say "swapped out") the 28c Corsas for some old Duraskins and it seems much quicker to me...

    Is there any point in offering the old Vittoria Corsa tyres for sale?

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  • Are they tubeless compatible?

  • They are tubeless, but have had tubes in them. They were on the bike when I got it and I've used them for a few weeks so no idea how many miles they have done. Neither of them looks worn, but one (was on the back) has a few small cuts in the tread and I had a puncture (thorn) in it. Despite this, I can't see any holes that come through to the inside of the tyres.

  • Not much new to add here except replaced the chain and to say how much I'm enjoying using this, even in very unsuitable conditions my other bikes haven't had a look in!

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  • Looking good! Glad you’re enjoying it, looks like you got a cracking day for it too! For extra bike pic brownie points have the tube valves at 12 o’clock so the rim decals are at the bottom and right way up, bit of a pain in the arse though..

  • Thanks and yes, I love it!
    Not sure how the brownie points work with a fixed as I thought the crank was meant to be inline with the you say too much of a pain in the arse haha

    Just a quick side note; I cleaned it up today after a few wet rides and noticed that I can't count. The sprocket is 17T not 18T as I previously reported!

  • Since having the Super Pista I've thought the aerofoil section seat tube shape was kind of spoiled aesthetically by the thin round section seatpost, so I started looking for an aero seatpost. The only ones I could find easily available new were the Toseek Chinese carbon ones and I was a bit concerned they would be rubbish. I have had a seat post break in the past (USE titanium) and it was literally a pain in the arse, so I asked on a the Any Question Answered thread and got positive reviews of the Toseek so I decided to chance it and went ahead and ordered one.

    So it is lighter than the Fizik one fitted already and seems to be very well finished with a nice even smooth satin texture. I'm not too keen on the graphics, but you can't have everything.
    Anyway I have fitted it and tried it on a short ride and it does feel a little more forgiving than the Aluminium Fizik or maybe my imagination.
    I was surprised to find it only just fitted as the wide aero section is pretty close to the seat clamp and I do have a fair bit of post showing, it's a 55 (Centre top) frame and I'm about six foot tall.
    I think it really looks good with the frame, like it was made for it!
    All in all I'm very pleased with the result!

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  • I would be tempted to fill in the empty triangle between the seat post and the frame with something

  • Yeh, I toyed with taping it up, but now I quite like the look of it...

  • Quick update...

    I've had to put the Fizik bars back on the Super Pista as I sold my Infinito and put the Reparto Corse bars back on it to sell.

    Here it is is with the Infinito's replacement...

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  • Well I was never going to stick with gthe Fizik bars as I don't like how they look or how they feel, so I put a low bid on some Profile Design Ozero TT base bars. They are a bit scuffed up, but came with bar end brake levers and as I said were super cheap...

    Only riden them about 10 miles so far and without tape they are very slippery. I've fitted the little brake lever I had rather than the bar end ones, but haven't decided which to use yet. I thought as they drop and extend forwards a bit I may need a shorter stem, but seems ok so far...

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  • Had a play around with some bar tape taken from another bike and tried wrapping in various ways ending up with this...

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  • Much as I loved how the Ozero bars look, I didn't find it comfortable so purchaced some Reparto Corse bars and stem. No Bianchi brand Celeste bar tape available atm so went to lbs who were good enough to bring out a Celeste colour Bianchi bike to check the various makes of tape they had against! Chose the Profile Design one (ironic) and thanks to Handsome Bicycles Hastings.

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  • I just bought some nice Ellipse wheels on ebay, looking forward to fitting them...

    The seller had this cool Ovlov brick...

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  • Ellipse on...

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  • That 740 is dope

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Super Pista?

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