Super Pista?

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  • I've just joined LFGSS as I have a new project...

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  • What are your plans?

  • Having tried it not all that much as it's pretty good as is. Having got rid of the grime it looks really nice and rides well so I'll give it a couple of weeks before I decide...

  • Doesn't look to be much wrong with that unless you want to go ghetto tracklocargo

  • Hmm, think I'll pass on that one...

  • Well I've riden this about 40 miles so far and not many complaints so far.
    This is the spec...
    Bianchi Super Pista

    Frame; Bianchi Super Pista 55cm
    Rims; H Plus Son
    Hubs; BLB
    Tyres; Vittoria Corsa Graphine 2.0 28mm
    Chainset; Miche Primato advantage 48T
    Sprocket; Unknown chrome 18T
    Bottom bracket; Unknown
    Handlebar; Fizik Cyrano
    Stem; Fizik Cyrano
    Head set; Tange
    Seat post; Fizik Cyrano
    Saddle; Fabric
    Brake; BLB Shroom

    I'm not keen on the saddle, comfortable enough, but I don't like the look of it. Anyone know what model it is?

    Looks much better for a proper clean up

    The tyres are 28mm and I much prefer the 25mm Corsas I have on my Infinito..

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  • Have you tried having the saddle level? It should be flat, not pointing downwards. It may be a sign that you have it set too high if you find it necessary to have it angled like that.

  • I haven't changed the angle from the previous owners position, just set the height the same as my other bikes. I thought I'd try it out a bit before fiddling too much with the position etc.


    Actually now I've looked at it properly, it is tipping down much more than I thought. I've now tried to level it up, but this saddle is such a weird shape it's very hard to say if it's level or not! It does feel beter now, but I really don't like it so will look out for a reasonably priced Fizik or something else I like the look of.
    While I'm on the subject of things I don't like, I've changed the bars for some Bianchi own brand I had sitting about and much prefer them. All my other bikes have either ergo bars or Cinelli 66 (ok, ok not the Brompton, but you know what I mean).

    Second edit;
    I should have said thankyou to @PhilDAS as it wasn't really obvious due to saddle shape and it has improved the position much more than expected.

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  • Good stuff. Those bars look better I think.
    A lot of people get on well with fabric saddles, comfort wise. I understand wanting it to look good but for me, comfort comes first when it comes to saddles :)

  • I mostly have no problem with comfort on any saddle and this is no different, but I do usually find Fizik or Selle Italia saddles extra comfortable and I think they look much better than that Fabric...

  • So this arrived in the post this morning...
    Here compared to the Fabric...
    I have decided I'm keeping the Bianchi bars and got some new tape for them. I did consider fitting some proper brake levers with the left (rear) being a dummy as I have on my fixed Roberts. The down side to this is I have never been able to stop the redundant lever rattling, the up side is I don't instinctively grab the funny little lever fitted as it's in the wrong place for my muscle memeory when a skid and swerve is not enough to avoid the front of that Evoque heading straight at me...
    Anyway decided on keeping the existing lever and trying to get used to it.
    I can't say I think much of the Fizik seat post as it's way too fiddly to adjust and to fit a new saddle to compared to, well any other post I have really.
    Haven't had a chance to try the new saddle as it rained non stop after I fitted it and although I'm no butterfly, I prefer to use mudguards when it's wet so will have to wait, but i don't expect problems as I already have Fizik saddles on two ther bikes.

    Edit; I can't see how to move attachments around, but you get the idea...

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  • Looks good

  • Both bikes look great. Matching front wheel on the Bianchi and it’s done, right?

  • Thanks. The wheels do match, but the brake track anodising has worn off on the front, not sure I can do much about that apart from put a back brake on it haha!
    By the way @Jonny69, you put me onto LFGSS on AS when I posted a pic of this...

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  • Heh, you’ve been lurking for a while then, I haven’t been on there for ages.

  • Yes, I bought that bike in 2015 and you mentioned LFGSS so I looked it up!

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Super Pista?

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