Cotton Bar Tape: Newbaums

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  • Has anyone used Newbaums bar tape? Is it worth double the price of Velox/Tressostar et al?

    From what I’ve read, of pretty biased reviews, it seems like good stuff but I’d rather get some unbiased ones (insofar as that’s possible)

  • i've not used velox or tressostar, but i bought newbuams, i've unwrapped and rewrapped maybe 7x or so (i'm terrible at setting up bars), it has re-applied great every time.

    it's tacky on the back so you have to be careful to not get it stuck to itself or it pulls the weave,

    in terms of "worth", YMMV, but still costs less than most rubber options and the colours are a bit nicer/readily available than other cotton options.

    i think i'd buy again

  • doubt it, its expensive because its imported from America maybe?

    Currently I have a cheap cork tape and a velox as a 2nd layer, works a treat.

  • It looks identical to Tressorex to be honest.

  • Thanks all

  • It's nicer, thicker, and easier to wrap than Velox IMO, also the rolls are a lot longer, so you can wrap with closer spacing than with velox

  • Having wrapped with velox and newbaums, I’ll choose newbaums every time for cloth tape. I’m in the US, so maybe is cheaper here. ~$7 per roll usually. Longer tape, a bit thicker, can actually be unwrapped and rewrapped if need be.

    Colors do fade pretty quickly, but that doesn’t really bother me.

  • Blackcat for life. Black fads grey instead of brown like Newbaums.

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Cotton Bar Tape: Newbaums

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