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  • Heres a technique to get wok hei if you've a weak gas burner or working with induction: https://www.seriouseats.com/hei-now-your­e-a-wok-star-a-fiery-hack-for-stir-fryin­g-at-home

  • Not sure belly pork is the right term, a piece of skin and fat, with no meat from a pig.

    Have read of spring onions and ginger, or potato peelings and salt but what ever you use to season the wok.

  • 🤭. Get yourself over to sham Shui po to the dai pai dong. Woks of full blast in 30 degree heat 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • How are you seasoning the wok?

    I can’t 100% remember as the first time I did it was a long time ago. It was something along the lines of scrub it clean to bare metal, dry, wipe with oil, leave it on the hob until smoking hard, add a tablespoon of high smoke point oil and work it round the wok smoking it over the flame until the whole surface is black and glossy.

    Now I think of it, I’ve had this wok for 10 years so it’s well overdue a refresh.

  • Wow, only just got around to this! It’s not perfect, but I think I saved it. I took a Brillo pad to it hoping to get it back to clean (smooth) metal but that was a lot harder than anticipated, especially with the help of my 3 year old who has also been helping me chop the veg. Then worked at getting the temperature high enough to glaze and re-black the surface all over with vegetable oil.

    You can see in the close-up where the surface is a bit pucked with the old charred coating. Couldn’t get that off fully unless I reckon I hit it with power tools, but it was interesting seeing those bits actually pop, break down and catch fire!

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  • Huh, just tried to reseason mine with linseed oil (same as flaxseed I think). I gave it a good scouring first. Looks like I've created some accumulation of oil in the middle. Is this something to be concerned about?

    Edit: I guess it wasn't hot enough in the middle or too hot. Appears to have just polymerized on the surface and scrape off with a nail in places.

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  • Edit: I guess it wasn't hot enough in the middle or too hot. Appears to have just polymerized on the surface and scrape off with a nail in places.

    I’m not an expert, but for me when the oil has made those globs or pools with a gel-like texture it’s when it wasn’t hot enough. You need to really burn it on!

  • Yeah that's my theory too. The wok burner on my cooker has a large double sided ring and a tiny one in the middle which is probably doing fuck all. Side bits seemed to work pretty well. Might try it on a single ring next.

  • This has made me realise that a lot of the heat from my burner is just going up in the air without really heating the pan. Might have to get one of these closed type trivets if I can find one to fit.

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  • While I'm here is there any trick to preparing rice for stir-frying if you forgot to cook it the day before? My current plan is just too try and let it stream itself dry-ish and then whack it in the fridge for a bit.

  • Depends on the type of rice.
    If you’re using sticky/sushi rice, not loads you can do.
    Just stir fry and put on top of steaming rice.

    You could try rinsing the sticky rice in warm water to seperate the grains and then allow to dry a bit.

  • Basmati ...[ducks] lol, because it's all I have right now. Cool and chill tactic seemed to work anyway, that and more seasoning of the wok. Kimchi fried rice didn't stick tonight, whereas my attempt last week was a mess.

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  • when the oil has made those globs or pools with a gel-like texture it’s when it wasn’t hot enough. You need to really burn it on!

    This. The technique I used and produced a really good finish is to heat wok until carbon steel turns very dark blue, then apply a really thin layer of peanut oil to the surface, wiping it on with a piece of cotton. Then let the heat burn that oil to a create a polymer, which is when it’s stopped smoking. I had to rotate my wok to burn the oil into every inch. Then repeat 5/6 times.

    It’s time consuming, but you’re left with a surface that food just slides off.

  • I would recommend finer dice of carrots (caramelises faster and tastes sweeter), much finer chop of spring onions and 3x the quantity.
    Sprinkle of roasted sesame seeds and a drizzle of roast sesame oil on top.

  • Fair point on the chopping, I was hungry and rushing. Would probably just discard the edge slices next time which are always a faff to get julienned properly.

  • Maybe everyone does this, but I take an edge off the carrot, rotate 90 degrees, then repeat until all sides are squared off.
    Then I julienne an easy squared off block of carrot and return to the 4 edge pieces which now sit flat on the chopping board.

  • I’ve got a big fuckoff wok burner but no wok - am I missing out?

  • What do you use your wok burner for then?

  • I don’t, particularly. Sometimes on it’s lowest setting when I’m shallow frying things as I feel (placebo?) that it spreads the heat more steadily throughout the pan?

  • Get a super cheap carbon steel wok and fire up some stir fry!

    Even if it’s just some simple veg with some garlic and dash of soy sauce.

  • I am reading Kenji López-Alt's new book and joined the wok cookery fun. My first observation is that seasoning the wok is like lubricating a bike chain, that is, a common mistake people do in both cases is they put too much oil.

  • My favourite way of seasoning the wok is stir frying spring onions, lump of ginger and a bike chain

  • KMC chains are best for this, never use a SRAM.

  • Am ashamed that it took someone six hours to reply.

  • i like kenji and all but i really gave up when he was like you need a wok and a blow torch to achieve wok cooking.


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Wok cookery chat

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