• This bike was given to my dad as a kind gesture by someone he completed some carpentry work for 3-4 months ago. My dad thought I would want it but honestly I don’t have the desire to fix it up, nor the space to keep it.

    The bike has obviously been used heavily and from what I can tell it’s been stored outside. I’ve cleaned / degreased everything as best I can, but in all honesty it’s not in the best state and needs some replacement parts.

    The freewheel has some play in it and has rust inside. The chainrings and chain are worn and some of the cable outers have split. Tyres are also very worn and need replacing. Frame and forks in very good shape with a few marks. All in all not a bad bike and is perfectly rideable as-is, but definitely a fixer-upper.

    See component / geometry info here:

    Collection only from Berkhamsted, UK (30 mins train from London)

    Condition considered, asking price is £40

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  • PM’ing now.

  • A friend may be interested in this if @crossedthread isn't. Edit: scrap that she just bought a bike today.

  • 3rd dibs

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  • Just messaged @callumj and unfortunately we’re out so over to the next in line. Sorry all for the bother.

  • @J_FixedIt are you still interested?

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  • @Zebra_Cyclist are you still interested?

  • Hi this till available


  • Yes still interested

  • @KOPTIK not sold yet but there's arrangements being made at the moment. I'll post here if it falls through. @Zebra_Cyclist is before you in the dibs queue however


For Sale: Wiggle Road Bike Medium fixer-upper £40 [SOLD]

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