Shimano 100 Works Anniversary book

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  • For such a forward looking company that was the worst e-commerce experience of my life. I registered my address, I think I paid, but I really don't know! At the end it says 'complete your purchase' at the top, and then further down 'complete'. There is not button to press to complete, so I guess it has worked, but I really don't know. Right now if a book mysteriously lands on my doorstep with customs charges to pay some time before Christmas I will consider it a bonus!

  • There is not button to press to complete, so I guess it has worked, but I really don't know.

    Good to see they've kept the user experience similar across this and their E-Tube desktop software then

  • Email to say the book has been shipped

  • I too got an email today from ‘starshipit’ saying my book has been shipped.

    In keeping with the e-commerce experience (more Shimeng than Shimano) the tracking number on the actual courier site is not yet working…

  • Glad you gave the email address. I would have ignored the email otherwise. They aren’t making things easy for folk.

  • Hopefully Customs can't work it out either....

  • Want

  • Got a DHL email and tracking info with estimated delivery date next week

  • will it have any bonus 9200 content?

  • free 12speed cassette with each book

  • shame you cant use them on AXS

  • my person learning what a coffee table book is in 2021 smdh

  • We’re they expecting it to contain some cheat codes for extra watts or some shit

  • It is a real coffee table book, in size, weight and content. Lots of well-shot photos, lots of white space and no words.

  • I want one!

  • I guess I'm not the right target audience for the book, I would have loved to have seen a full geeky history book on Shimano in dual language.
    I was really into the Shimano museum when I visited ;)

  • Nobody ever believes this, but I was UK brand manager for Shimano for six whole weeks in 1986. Madison hired me by mistake. I have no souvenirs of my spell in the trade - the book would do nicely! One sold on eBay recently for £150. Which represents about 100g of my weight weenie habit.

  • By mistake?

  • My CV should have gone in the bin. I had 3 years sales support experience at IBM and a degree in English. All the directors were away except the one who interviewed me. At that time IBM was revered in the corporate world. She assumed I was a marketing expert, because my card said IBM Marketing Representative on it. I don't know why, my job title was Systems Engineer, although I had no technical qualifications. (IBM was going through a we-can-do-no-wrong phase. Hiring arts graduates to be fake engineers was an experiment. I was one of the first batch. They liked the idea of having a clean slate, instead of people with relevant degrees who wouldn't do things the IBM way.) Anway, I assumed Madison would give me marketing training. A third of my time at IBM had been residential training courses. I thought that was typical business practice.

    I'd just become one of the few amateurs to buy the new 7400. Monty at Condor had given me the brochures and I mugged up on the Campag-Shimano battle. I blabbed some fake it till you make it bollocks about brand positioning and was hired. When I started the MD returned from his holiday and was puzzled. Openly scornful, actually. It dawned on me that not one penny would be invested in training me. I sat through a couple of meetings and realised that the main part of the job was to anticipate the quantity of Shimano products which could be flogged to dealers so that Madison's cashflow wouldn't be harmed by holding more than a tiny bit of stock. Shimano would send us a telex saying we should order ten times more and I would have to write diplomatic replies. Madison had only just won the Shimano concession, so there was no sales history to analyse. I was completely clueless. And horrified. I quit by mutual agreement. I learned a lot though, and got a lifelong friendship out of it. It was six weeks well spent.

  • I bet they still tell the story. Maybe I should ask our rep when he is down, not that he ever is.

  • All the people there at the time are long gone! Probably a very different company now.

  • Wasn't a scam

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Shimano 100 Works Anniversary book

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