Roberts 57cm *project* f&f (road, #506)

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  • I don’t think I’m ever likely to complete this project.
    It’s a 57cm square road frame, number 506 which I think puts it as 1970’s. Matching number on fork.
    When I got it there was a second bottle cage riveted (yes, riveted) on the seattube and a very small crack / split (<10mm) under the seat clamp slot.
    I had Darron at Sven replace the rivets with a proper set of bottle bosses and braze a small reinforcement over the minor split. It was his opinion that this was more than adequate and saved the tube and original lugs etc.
    It did spoilt the paint, but this was already rough and needed doing. I also think this frame has already been resprayed as some decals look newer than the age of the frame.
    Based on some Roberts brochures, I think this was a lightweight frame build, with nice details including chrome fork and chainstay, embossed ‘R’ on seatstay and fork crown and drilled ends, with a drilled ‘R’ under the bottom bracket.
    There are cable tunnels under the bb and a braze on front mech mount (could the latter be a later addition?)
    No dents, further cracks etc. I think the chrome is well able to be saved if masked during a respray, though there are rust spots.
    I dismantled this and the threads were ok.
    Obviously needs paint, but could be a nice project for someone.
    £130 collected from Bournemouth or I’ll pack and post for a further £20.

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  • More pics

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  • What's the tíre clearance like?

  • I’ll give this a check tomorrow.

  • Here are some photos.
    Front is 700c with a 25 tyre
    Rear is 700c with a 23 tyre, halfway into the horizontal dropout.

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  • £10 off the prices above.... plus some 1970’s brochure details.

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  • This is fabulous - really working har!d to resist...
    Out of curiosity are you the guy that bought my 70's Roberts Rat bike?

    The guy who bought it had a few others with similar frame numbers iirc
    (it was the frame with insanely drilliumed BB shell)

  • Hello Rik- yes that was me. We met at Staines station iirc. Nice to hear from you.

    That was frame #107, which as Roberts reportedly started at #100 was a really early one. Again, my skills and time didn’t match my ambition so it was passed on to another Roberts collector (he’s sometimes around these parts).

    I had #127 too, which also departed.

    This is the final old Roberts frame to depart (sad face)

    Go on... you know you want to!

  • Take another £5 off!
    £115 collected, £135 posted

  • Seriously tempting... love the R on the stays and crown... what is the length of the head tube? Any idea on the tubing?

  • Hi Matt, it’s a 6” head tube, so around 15cm.
    There are no tubing identifiers. As you can see from the brochure, 531 was the most common in the 70’s, though I’ve seen some with Columbus too. It’ll be good quality for sure.

  • Seatpost is 27.2, so butted 531 is a possibility

  • Pmed

  • Hello, to answer another question … it’s rear spacing is 128mm.
    I suspect it was a 126mm which has been sprung to 128mm to use a 130mm rear wheel.
    It had a 130mm in there with no issues.

  • Ah this is soo good... but I’m sure it’s a shade on the large side... if I took it I’d pass it to Winston and Mario for a few more mods and new coat of paint... don’t suppose you’ve got any old Roberts brake bridges? This would be good with one of the matching R ones, and rear brake cable mounts removed and fitted under the tt and dt shifter stops removed and barrel adjusters mounted in the head tube... it’s a beauty as is though with the drilled dropouts but as someone’s already had a few goes at alterations...

    Bargain, someone buy this so I don’t have to!

  • Another £5 reduction, or make an offer.
    Will be especially keen if someone can collect.

  • Yes please. Can’t collect though. PM sent

  • And … SOLD

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Roberts 57cm *project* f&f (road, #506)

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