• Dibs freecycle lexicon, PM incoming!

  • Unused 700C front SKS mudguards, one is skinny (~35) the other is matt and wider (~45).

    Think the skinny one is a SKS Bluemels 700c x 35mm and the other one is an SKS Bluemels 700x45. But this is guessing off my order history emails.

    There's also a used rear one, (not pictured) presumably the one that matches the 700x35 shiny front mentioned above. It was setup to run on the Kinesis Tripster I think so probably for fat tyres so there's scope to adjust it.


  • Garmin Extended Battery

    Taking one of them for my Italy adventure + 1 of the smallest/lighter portable speaker you have got (I suspect they aren't Bluetooth linkable, isn't it?)
    All this should be posted to Birmingham, I can cover the cost too but If you can't be bothered to post is not a problem and I'll pass :)

    Thanks hippy

  • The weirdly greasy one has been spoken for so you can have the cloudy one.
    I specifically wanted cable connections not bluetooth for better battery life so I don't actually know. I would assume they're not Bluetooth.

  • Yes, I am fine with both items.
    Send me your PayPal via PM I will pay what you want 😅 (or close to 😛)

  • PM me your address and I can tell you how much postage was after they've been sent.
    Won't be able to post anything until next week though, is that ok?

  • No rush at all Hippy, I am (hopefully) leaving the UK for some time end of July.
    sending PM now.

  • Dibs on MERP (and thanks for the heads-up).

  • Are the bluemels postable?

  • Which ones? Depends on how much I nag the grrl but anything in theory is postable.

  • 7-Eleven Jersey, XXXL

    How would this compare to Castelli sizing or don’t they go up that big?

  • This was a @big_daddy_wayne jersey (RIP, my dude) and it fits but baggy mtb style on me. So, I'd say it's proper XXXL sizing and not bullshit Castelli sizing.

  • More interested in a Kenwood mixer if you've got one of those.

  • We do in fact have two food mixers and a Vitamix. But the grrl just insisted she used all three.
    (I don't believe her, but let's be honest here, the only time I go into the kitchen is to get more beer)

  • sorry forgot to specify. the thicc'er ones :)

  • Do you think a hot wash may shrink it?

  • I have no idea how fabric responds to washing, sorry.
    What's your chest measurement? Maybe we can compare and I can model it for you :P

  • Got any crank pullers?

  • Yes, only 3 in this country now (unless there's more behind the sofa).

  • How much for the Jerseys?

  • £15ea seems fair.
    The 7-eleven has deffo been worn but I don't think the TI jersey has ever been worn. I sold my TI Raleigh too soon.

  • Added phones, cameras, shoes, pedals, poster, blood sample stabby things I've forgotten the name of... lancets!

  • Interested in the pump head and the blummel 35mm guards front and back please.

  • Hello. How much for the French film poster please?


  • £5 aka just enough to get me a not-shit beer.

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FS: hippy's 2021 clearance: phones, Canon DSLR, wifi cam, tyres, Ultegra, wheel, gravel bars, printer, mudguards, Polar, Akai, Soundblaster, SIDI

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