Ouch, my ears! (loud freehub)

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  • I just got some lovely Scribe Pace wheels ( https://scribecycling.co.uk/products/pac­e-1-495g ). They feel absolutely fantastic but I'm just not sure I can cope with the freehub noise. It's a ratchet which is apparently a nice bit of engineering, but makes it very clicky!

    (before anyone says it, I know some people consider this an audible lazy-ometer. I guess I'm just lazy!)

    I've googled about freehub noise and read a bunch of opinions, but it's really hard to get a feel without actually hearing things. So I guess my questions to the collective forum wisdom are:

    Can I do anything to make it quieter? Google suggested grease, but would that really work? In a ratchet? I'd really love to keep them if possible.

    In case I can't do anything, I'm eying up some old Superstar Arcs with Volta hubs on ebay... Anybody heard these in the flesh (and can somehow describe it in words??!!)

    Many thanks,


  • I could be wrong but I've read that too much grease in the freehub can cause it to fail and effectively turn it into a fixed hub.

    Maybe someone can confirm as I cant remember where I read that.

  • Lightly grease it if not enough add bit more works well for me on a fulcrum wheelset just make sure around the pawl dont put too much

  • Think it would turn into a bi-directional freewheel with too much/too heavy grease

  • That may be it. My memory is prone to forgetting details.

  • Thought this thread was the audible version of the wanker hybrid thread...

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Ouch, my ears! (loud freehub)

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