• Hi all,

    Fresh from my attic trip are these used Easton carbon track handlebars.
    40cm centre to centre.

    I purchased them used from Rudy Melo (from the 5th Floor fame) back in 2011 - from memory he had a spill at Herne Hill velodrome with them in 2010 when the surface was still concrete. Hence the scuffs/scratches. Paid £100 at the time which was a bargain as those used to be circa £250 RRP.
    I used them on my Look 464 AL-P & Dolan Seta for two seasons at Herne Hill in 2012 / 2013.
    I confirm they did not make me faster and from memory the drop was too much for me!

    These weight 340g which was mentally light for bars stiffer than steel/alloy bars.
    No longer an impressively light set 10+ years on.

    The going rate seems to be £60 -> £55 in their current condition.

    Pick up from New Cross, also happy to post for an extra £8.



    Blurb found online:
    The first all carbon track bars developed for the 2004 Olympics.
    Unbelievably strong, totally rigid and much lighter than traditional track bars.
    Easton's EC90 Track Pro bar offers phenomenal advantage to the track racer. The EC90 is 15% stronger than equivalent steel bars, yet weighs only half as much!
    This bar is currently being used by both the French and USA track teams, and being tested by the Australian team.

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  • Photos of the scuffs

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  • Payment in crypto accepted

  • I'll give you 2 doge coins for it.

  • You'll have to wait until they reach $43 so you might get them in 2035

  • These are great track bars, happy to post them.

  • Price drop to £55

    Pick up from New Cross SE14 or I can post them.

    These are genuine Easton, not later chinese copies which you can still find on eBay

  • Now moved to eBay.


Easton EC90 Carbon Track Pro Drop Handlebars - 40cm - Used - £55 Crypto Accepted - (EASTON-EC90-TRACK-40) Now on eBay

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