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  • Well, this was unexpected. For those that don't know, David Kirk was the head framebuilder/designer at Serotta for a very, very long time. With Serotta being no more, there are three people from Serotta who can build you a close-to-or-better-than-Serotta frame. Dave Wages of Ellis Cycles, Kelly Bedford of K. Bedford Cycles and Dave Kirk of Kirk Frameworks. The latter being the most well known.

    I don't own this frame, but am merely borrowing it with the possibility of buying it. I've been in Dave's build queue since late last year. The owner of this frame is also. He suggested selling this to me for a fraction of the price of a new one. He is selling this only because he doesn't like paint chips so is having the exact same frame built in stainless.

    He told me to build it up and ride it and see what I thought. I, of course, agreed.

    I don't have the resources to buy new stuff at the moment for this so I will move the stuff across from my Seven.

    I need some long reach brakes and a 1" to 1 1/8" steerer shim but other than that I should be good to go.

    The workmanship and paint on this thing is unreal. I've never seen paint like it. Joe Bell's reputation lives up to the hype.

    It was built in 2017 using Dave's JK Special platform but with a bit of his MRB (Montana Road Bike) thrown in. Essentially it's a long reach road bike with clearances for
    mudguards and big tyres. I won't be needing mudguards any time soon but I'm not mad at having the option and also big clearances. I'm riding 30c at the moment and this will allow space for some 32c or maybe even 35c.

    With that said, if I don't like it, I won't buy it šŸ˜

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  • Whatā€™s happening with the Seven

    Is @amey going to buy it?

    The Kirk does look rather lovely

  • Thatā€™s stunning! Dibs if you decide not to buy it!šŸ˜·

  • Undecided yet. On paper I'd absolutely take the Kirk over the Seven but I can't really say that having never ridden it. And you know, the Seven is custom for me and the Kirk is not. If I keep the Kirk I'd like to keep the Seven in the cupboard. Depends how much he wants for the Kirk tbh.

  • Was something wrong with the Seven? Or just bored of it?

  • Subbing to this, beautiful frame

  • Love an all steel road bike

    32-35 tan walls on this šŸ˜¤

  • Paselas, or summat by Compass/RHerse then.

  • Nothing. I just want a Kirk.

  • Is the correct answer. Hope it fits/you like it, it's a very good looking frame.

  • Just had another look, really like the hourglass mudguard mounts, it's always the little details.

  • lovely.

  • And the transition/joint from the stays to the rear dropouts. Sell a kidney, get it bought.

  • I will not. Rim brakes are haram.

  • Amazing @JB . Full class

  • I don't get it. 1inch American noodle frame vs your Seven, seems like you are teeing yourself up for disappointment

  • Thought you had a bike with VO grand cru calipers on?

  • Doesn't have to be vs, could be as well as.

  • Oh Dan. I forgot that a frame built of 853 Pro and 953 was a noodle.

  • Sorry I thought it was clear that I don't really know anything about bikes and especially framebuilding so it would be taken as a joke. I don't even know what the noodle bit means, is it because they are skinny tubes? And also you know I have a Roberts (which I needed a committee to help build) so it could only be baseless shit-talking

  • Americans never have been good at sarcasm šŸ„² which I experience on a daily basis of almost offending people.

  • Why do think I left? Same jokes but much better audience over here.

  • TRP RG957s ordered. Went to have a look at some Velo Orange Grand Cru's. They'd be okay if they didn't have that awful laser etching on them, but with the etching they are ghastly....

  • TRPs are lighter and have stainless hardware. I'm a big fan.

    Do you still need a shim btw? I have one going for free.

  • Thank you but I live in California.

    Yeah, I had to order from the internet, whereas my LBS had the VO's, hence considering them.

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Kirk Frameworks JKS

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