• Hey all,

    I'm wondering about having my Ritchey P29er reset to a wider spacing and I'm looking for advice. I've recently bought a 100mm travel suspension corrected 1 1/8th rigid fork with a load of mounts. The new rigid forks have 110mm boost spacing and my sus fork is 100mm, so I at least need a new front wheel, which got me thinking whether or not I could have reset the rear spacing to accommodate 142mm or 148mm and a new wheelset. I think my p29er is the 2014 version. Whichever it is, it's still got a straight steerer and sliding dropouts at 135mm with quick release hangers - difficult.

    My first question is whether it's possible, wise and worth it to reset the rear spacing? If so any recommendations on London frame builders to do it? (I need some bottle mounts brazed onto the underside of the downtube too).

    Ideas for adjusting the chainline? It's a 68mm BB shell. Currently have XT Double chainset on there, but thinking of moving to 1x11 or 1x12 should I do this and upgrade wheelset.

    I have these in mind for replacing the dropout inserts:


    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


  • Possible? It’s steel so yes.
    Wise? Probably not.
    Worth it? Almost certainly not.

    The dropouts are hooded style yeah? So it’s not going to be just a case of cold set the stays out and bend the dropouts back into alignment. It could be major surgery to get to where you need, dropouts might have to come off the stays and be repositioned, bridges might need to be replaced.

    Seems like a lot of work to get a thru axle. Is 135mm thru axle not a thing?

  • Thanks @M_V. Tbh as I was writing it out it felt like a lot of unnecessary work. These things alway seem easier in your head.

    The drive to do it was to build or buy a future proof wheelset; also my current rims aren't tubless ready. The frames fairly difficult to update because of it's rear spacing and straight steerer tube. I found it was slim pickings when it came to finding straight 1 1/8th rigid sus-corrected forks with anything mounts that were thru axle, hence I ended up going with a Moxie Bike/Pipedream cycles which has boost spacing.

    These are dropouts, pictured.

    I don't think 135 thru axles exist, but I could be wrong, there are too many standards.

    I think I'll just stick with the current rear wheel and buy or build something for the new fork.

    Thanks again.

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  • This is sooooo funny... :) hahaha thru axle ...

    Is 135mm thru axle not a thing?

  • Hope hubs are available in 135 x 12mm bolt thru so there must be others too.

    Future-proofing sounds good but how long till the next, non-backwards-compatible, standard comes out anyway?

  • Trying to find a non boost fork is impossible! If not buying new, then the old brother cycles big bro was qr and had all the mounts or this salsa:


    The best way to future proof is probably just to buy a hub you can service and build a good wheel around that. Or run what you have?

  • Or run what you have?

    Keep your money in your wallet to spend when you need to. That’s future proofing!

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Ritchey P29er Rear Spacing 135 reset to 142 or Boost

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