• Lol! Not easy to source on the interwebs then!

  • Reader's- realised its been posted in the wrong thread this entire time.

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  • This threads starting to look a lot like FBNPNA

  • Batshit

    (Edited because definitely belongs here)

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  • Ditto, I think this is the thread for my DB (Diamond Back / Dad Biek)

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  • I'm not sure if it is a repost but the blue specialized was the vision for my girlfriend's bike and the orange is what she ended up with. Despite not living up to the initial idea, she loves it and it isn't too flashy.

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  • Strong page, I love this thread

  • I prefer it to the blue one actually. Looks rowdily practical.

  • This might not be boogey enough but was a wankery lock and leave with humperts and city jets - RIP otima of my dreams ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  • Cor this is lovely. Can't tell if this is a small frame or if it has bigger wheels. Wouldn't change a thing though.

  • Sub-wanker build incoming.
    Once I work out how the hell I’m gonna pick this thing up from Plymouth we got a good thing going on. Seller accepted my cheeky offer so now I’m committed lol.

    OX tubing, complete group and all original everything. Just needs some overpriced bars, luggage and tyres I reckon.
    Is it still sub-wank if you #maintainthetriple? Or merely functional at that point?

    Haven’t been luggage shopping in a while, what sort of rear racks are the right blend of bougie and affordable these days? I’ve got tubus on other bikes.
    My 700c wanker has a wald basket up front but I’d like to think this would actually go further afield so what’s the rack/basket combo of winners?
    I’ve got a tubus tara low rider which is also an option for the front…

    I’ve got a bunch of panniers already so not looking at any bike packing luggage for this one.

    Ps, someone pls buy my steamroller so I can justify this thing ;)

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  • What's happening to us!! Also sold the roller and building this

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  • Ha! I didn’t sell a steamroller, but I am building a radbrid along similar lines.

    (Don’t worry - I’ve got a Thomson stem in the post for this)

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  • Legacy is where it’s at for 700c radbrids, absolutely love mine. Just a shame they didn’t do one(afaik) from fancy tubing.

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  • Yeah that’s a banger. I’m getting impatient to ride mine - need to do some golden-hour cruising around on it while it’s still summer!

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Sub-wanker hybrids / low-key, lock-upable bling / insta-friendly dadbieks and rigid trail-worriers

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