Muddy Fox Courier Comp

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  • She's back from the LBS and starting to resemble what looks like a bike. Bottom bracket and headset fitted done.

    Picked up a pair of black 26 rims off FMP for £10. Yes £10. Well aware they're likely garbage but I couldn't say no for that price even if I never use them. Trying to find a 650b wheel set was becoming a nightmare and actually I think 26" with chunky tyres will look sweet.
    I've got a set of 105 Shimano hubs to lace to these rims, which I'll either have a crack at myself or take them back to the LBS when I get some time. Silver wheel just for display as the black wheel axle is too large for these forks. Also stuck the bars on from my fixed gear to see how they look. I've got another set of risers on the way.

    Picked up a SLX M7000 drive train off ebay for a decent price. So far just got the crankset one there, however as I've gone to fit the rear derailleur I've realised the threads are packed with paint >:(. Another fault of my own for forgetting to mention to the paint shop.

    Now here's the big problem...

    So the headset is threadless and the fork is threaded. Not an issue if you use a shim and install a star fangled nut into the steerer as I did so on my fixed gear bike. However the steerer is too short so I bought a quill stem adaptor. I wasn't really sure how this was going to work until I could look at it all together. The problem is I can secure the adaptor just fine but without being able to preload the headset bearings. After watching some youtube videos, the plan is now to connect the adaptor to the steerer by dropping a flange nut down the top and fastening the wedge using a shorter M8 bolt. Then installing the star fangled nut into the adaptor and hey presto extended steerer. However, I have 2 adaptors the first was a 22.2mm - 28.5mm, which would have been fine but because I'm "permanently" securing the adaptor to the steerer I would have never been able to remove the forks from the frame itself as it's too large to fit through the head tube. This second adaptor is a 22.2mm - 25.4mm so I'm able to secure it whilst still being able to remove the forks when needs be. But this adaptor, unlike the larger, wouldn't allow the flange nut to sit in there. I plan to take it down the mechanics and have them drill out the inner diameter to fit this nut in there, which should then allow enough room for the star fangled nut. "Buy some new forks" I hear you say, ye that may have been an easier route but I had these painted now so I'm working through it. It's a labour of love this bike building business. Never as straight forward as you envision it to be. I understand this isn't the most exciting of topics, but in the case of someone else being in a similar situation they may find this helpful.

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  • Good god man, just get a threaded headset!

    What you’re describing is a hideous bodge at best and fiery-deth-inducing at worst.

    That, or get the steerer properly extended by a framebuilder who knows what they’re doing.

  • I'm not the only person to try this. @BigglesZX made a post a couple years ago with this exact issue, which he seemed to remedy quite nicely.

  • Hello! I think my use-case was slightly different, inasmuch as it was purely cosmetic – I just wanted a way to attach a blingy top cap. A couple of years later however I can report it's still attached :)

  • Ah right I see. I'm glad to hear mate bling is important! haha

  • My other option, which in hindsight will be far more practical than using the star nut would be to use a Hope Head Doctor, similar to the fsa bung someone mentioned in your thread.

  • Nobody said 'buy new forks'. Somebody did say 'fit the right headset'. Do that.

  • 1" JIS headsets (like this) go on these just fine.

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  • Love this. What size tyre you running on here?

    My fork and headset sitch is all sorted now

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  • Continental Cruiser, 26x2.0. Clearance is fine up front. Out back its 5mm (chainstays) on a 23mm rim. Doing the job, but looking for something lighter. Would like to go above 2.0 but it'll be a squeeze.

  • Nice ye this is my worry is the chainstays. I'm looking at tyres atm I'm thinking a 2.15 is not going to fit maybe a 2.0 will be my best bet then. They really don't have good clearance on the rear these muddy foxes

  • Would also love to see the whole set up if you have any pictures

  • @L_Lokii quick snap on the ride home today…

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  • Daaym thats a beauty! The tyres actually look the perfect size too imo

  • very crispy, great build!

  • Cheers! Fill it out nice – but they weigh almost 1kg each (!!!)

  • I'm just about to start building up a Courier Comp - The gear ratio chat is proper helpful. Good luck with the rest of yours!

  • Cheers mate and to you. Get yourself a post started so we can see the progress.

    Re gears: I ended up with a 11-42 32t which I haven't ridden yet but I assume it'll be too light for any kind of substantial top end. But in any case I'll update here when she's on road and I've had a test ride.

  • Spent the last 3 days learning how to build wheels. Fun experience but not without its frustrating moments. I measured everything twice and matched it with an online spoke length calculator and still managed to be off somehow. We got there in the end.

    Loving the look of the City Jets. They're my stand ins for now. Maxxis and Panaracer's seem to be on shortage at the moment. I'll get to the brakes and gearing tomorrow.

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  • Spent the last 3 days learning how to build wheels.

    Cool! Still need to do that.

    What are the rims?

  • Cheap sh*tters I got from FMP for £10 the pair. Time will tell how they hold but I couldn't say no for that price :D

  • And they are rim brake rims? Because of the painted side walls.

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Muddy Fox Courier Comp

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