My front wheel appears.... dished???!!?

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  • It could be that the spokes were not stress relieved before you received the wheel and started riding it.
    Which has then caused the wheel to come out of dish when the strain was relieved during regular riding.
    That would still make it an oversight of the builder and not you.
    Most mechanics I know recommend having a fresh wheel checked after a month or 100 km, to adjust for that kind of thing.

  • thanks to @velosaurus and his dishing tool we can safely assume the wheel is still the issue 😌

    will take it to a shop at some point, truly a bizarre situation all round

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  • Wheel was very obviously dished 2.5mm to one side. I didnt correct it because Maj had ridden over on the bike and if I cocked it up, or found further issues Maj would not have been able to get home.

  • We have an answer to this, I know you’ve all been eagerly awaiting the result

    All the spokes are 4mm too short 😎

    I’ve been recommended to ride it until it needs building, shout out to arkane wheel works for confirming!

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My front wheel appears.... dished???!!?

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