• I’ve only ever used them on steel freehub bodies but yes, the contact patch is several times wider than a cassette sprocket.

  • @rcbprk Yes exactly, a single sprocket from a Miche 8s cassette spaced out to the correct chainline.

    @ectoplasmosis Ok that's encouraging... sounds like it normally works out.

    Unfortunately the hub I had was a Campagnolo 8s Athena hub and nobody makes SS sprockets to fit, hence why I'm swapping hubs.

  • Wheel logo alignment

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  • Sneak peeks.

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    • First Look.jpg
    • Wheel Fork.jpg
  • Oooohhh that is so rad @rcbprk !

    I love the aesthetic choices thus far. Keep going my dude!

  • Smashed it

  • Looking good!

  • Couple of LBS shots. Ritchey seat post incoming, along with cog and pedals. This is easily the least matchy-matchy bike I've ever owned. In fact there aren't two components from the same brand except a pair of hubs, tyres and brakes.

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    • IMG_20210614_141036647_HDR.jpg
    • IMG_20210614_141025327_HDR.jpg
  • 72 spokes! ;)

    And 20? Spacers? It might be worth getting a single long one once you’re comfortable on it.
    It looks so fun

  • 72 of Mr Swiss' finest! I don't see much buckling in my future.

    Yeah that was all the spacers the shop had in stock just to get the bars mounted. Going in next week for a fitting session, then we'll get some big ones on there to neaten things up a bit. Can't wait to give it a spin - luckily the LBS isn't that local so my first ride will be ~7 miles.

  • We're almost there. Playing gear ratios over in my mind after a spinny spin this afternoon and seriously debating changing the saddle from a B17 Imperial to a C17 Organic.

    Magura brakes worked well, thankfully.

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  • Think this needs a selection of bags hanging off it too. Considering something by Wizard Works ala.

    Edit: Blatantly nicked @atk idea, it seems.

  • In other news, my girlfriend wanted to give cycling a go so I picked up a 49cm 531 frame from Liverpool's Bill Soens. The plan as it stands is to strip the bits off my audax bike which hasn't been getting up to much audaxing and get it built up for summer riding.

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  • Mine's in a box somewhere so there's no risk of clashing for now ;)

    Would recommend though. Good size, larger one is plenty big enough for a couple of tubes, tools and even a tiny windproof.

  • My order for the larger one in the same splatter pattern is in. I'm sure that pattern wasn't even cool in the 90s, but it looks like it is now.

    The Soens bike has come on a bit in the last 24 hours. A wheel swap and a bit of fettling has led to this. Current specs are:

    Shimano GRX 400/Tiagra 1x10 (11-36)
    Shimano CX50 crank with 42T NW chainring
    Shimano R650 brakes
    Soma Highway One bars
    Zenith 80mm stem
    Ritchey Classic post
    Brooks C17 on loan from LBS
    Ambrosio Zenith hubs, Ryde Chrina rims
    Random selection of tyres

    It rides nicely and the front end has quite a bit of spring/give. Should be a fun little bike.

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    • IMG_20210702_144539274_HDR.jpg
  • Now that the Neutrino is pretty much done, and the other half has a ride of her own I am turning my attention to my neglected old Equilibrium.

    This bike was mainly built up for audaxing and the like, and it very finely carried me across the vast expanses of Northern England and the Borders, too. But in recent times I've fallen out of love with Co-op meal deals, bus stop naps, and 11pm ice creams on the garage forecourt. It is destined for a new life as a bit of a utility shopper and commuter, albeit one that can break away for a jaunt down the local lanes when the mood strikes.

    Parts acquisition is underway, and they're mainly coming from the parts bin and the local community workshop, with a few second hand bits from here. The plan is to go with an upright position on North Road bars, triple and a reasonable cassette (ala @elHuron ), ratty rear rack and a milk crate. Choice juxtaposition will come in the form of Open Pros on Hope/SP hubs and a DA7800 derailleur.

    The build should commence next week when a few parts are in. I am considering a powdercoat in a retro-chic colour down the line, once everything is bedded in. Suggestions on a postcard.

  • Finally got the Neutrino home. Cyclescheme was having a giggle, but it was worth the wait. What a fun little bike.

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    • IMG_20210716_192836229_HDR.jpg
  • Tidy. Looks fun to ride

    I'm taking a point off for FTL bag btw.

  • Very tasteful sidewalls. Looks great.

  • Cheers. My only bugbear is that they're a shade off matching the grips but then I remember a bike is for riding and not just staring at in the garden.

  • I stare at mine in the lounge

  • Just saw this on Cyclecentre's instagram. I hadn't twigged that this was a North East build but I look forward to trying to spot it round Newcastle! It looks ace.

  • Cheers man, I've only just seen it on there myself. Olly and the fellas were awesome to work with despite the global shortage of everything and I'm proper chuffed with the result.

    I'm sure I'll see you out and about.

  • Yeah I've known Olly for years and he's super passionate about all aspects of cycling so the build was in good hands.

    I've just moved back to Northumberland from Canada so I suspect Cycle Centre will be my go to spot.

    Enjoy the Neutrino!

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