Small and Green

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  • With more time on my hands than usual I've been mainly not riding the bikes I already own. No reasons other than the obvious, I just haven't fancied it. Rather than wallow I thought I'd do what any sensible middle-aged bloke would do in this situation, order a Velo Orange Neutrino and build a daft little green bike.

    After weathering a couple of raised eyebrows from the fellas at my local shoppe, they swallowed their pride and placed the order for a frame in size L and humoured me as I started giving them a parts list almost entirely incompatible with what they can actually get hold of in this desert of availability.

    The plan, as it stands, is to go for a SS build, based on standard cassette-bearing hubs, overkill hydros, black components, bullmoose bars and a Brooks. Debating a dropper, but can't quite bring myself to press buy on that one, despite my apparent disregard for the practical right now.

    My hope is that this bike might put the spark back into cycling for me. No need for the funny clothes or embrocation, just back to it being casual and fun again, and to chase my four-year-old down the bridleways, country parks and woods.

    Timescales are movable, but the frame should be in next week and parts are trickling through the door with alarming regularity. Hoping to get it going by the summer, if one arrives.

  • Ok, I'm here for this, green looks good

  • Can be inspiration for my slow burn minivelo build as I'm sure I'll take longer.
    Which brakes?

  • Probably not great for proper off-road­-richter-tyre?variant=20040580661359

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  • we stan a mini velo fun bike, will be a good build!

  • I'm hoping for an invite to the club once it's done.

  • On the fence between SRAM Level T and Deore. Both way too much, but avids would be dull.

  • Curious where it’s coming from if the LBS is getting it in the next couple weeks. I think VO said they’re out till Sept?

  • Got one of the last ones from Freshtripe.

  • Gah I want one of these. Subbed.

  • Subbed! Love the reasoning for this.

  • mt400? the levers look less fussy than deore IMO

    also, subbed.

  • I'd vote Deore every time.

  • Was down at the LBS today and we're still mulling on brakes. They suggest Magura MT4 but I've no exp of the brand other than seeing them fly down the downhill course at Fort William. My man there says Shimano are best for home maintenance and SRAM are god awful, but availability is a bit patchy with some suppliers saying 2023 for certain bits whereas Magura are in stock and ready to rock.

    Saw the frame in person and absolutely forgot to take pics. Looks great, and the paint is a fair bit lighter and brighter than expected, welds look neat and there are more holes in it than a saxophone. The uncut steerer is hilarious - it must be at least 60cm and the forks weigh a bloody tonne, but it was exciting to see. Wheels are being built next week and sorry @psg1ben but I'm going with a set of Eclat Morrow tires.

    Definitely going to try a set of Bullmoose bars since they've got a used set hanging around the parts bin but I'm a bit worried about the reach/position since this bike is like nothing I've owned before. Any insight on that front would be really helpful.

  • Good choice on tires.
    What rims?

  • I stepped into the world of BMX, which is massive and unknown. Going to give Halo Sub 4 racing rims a bash.

  • Very excited to see how this turns out. Loving the cream tyres.

    RE: sram vs. shimano brakes be mindful that Sram uses Dot fluid which is hazardous, so if you plan on doing your own maintenance you might have a less than good time.

  • The subtly different colour might clash disgustingly. Or it might look wild.

    Do it!

  • Also I have a Magura MT4 on the front of my commuter. Has been bombproof and maintenance free in the two years it's been on there

  • I'm guilty of laying a million shades of green on my BMX. Can't help it, it's the best colour.

  • Cheers. I've only ever run mechanical discs so these details are important. Magura also use mineral oil I believe.

  • Quality input, thanks. Funky levers but then I've been riding on Campag hoods for years so anything remotely angular is going to look odd to me.

  • What's the reasoning behind hydros for this?
    I've stayed with mechanical discs because I'd rather not have to learn to service hydros

  • No big reason other than a) novelty b) reliability and a certain amount of set and forget and c) they're in stock and surprisingly are a comparable price to BB7 or TRPs. I think if I was building this up more as a travel/rinko style bike I'd go with mechanical to avoid the undue hassle.

  • Yeah, I still find it hard to believe that you can get a full hydro setup for less than the mechanical calipers.
    But then again I know and appreciate BB7s so I just use those.

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Small and Green

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