• I'm arranging an online meeting with my MP atmo. Aware of the general picture from the thread. Is there any specific problem one should raise? I would encourage other lufgussers to do the same.

    You could use my follow up as a general talking point... That harm hasn't occurred on the forum or is rare and actively moderated. But that the burden the bill outlines is disproportionate for small communities and forums run by individuals or local groups.

    That the bill should apply to companies above some threshold only, or have lower or zero requirements for individuals and community groups.

    Examples of community groups are neighborhood chat groups (small forums for people who live in a post code), or shared interest groups (like Mumsnet before it was huge or things like lfgss).

    That large social media and commercially owned discussing forums are regulated isn't a problem, those entities can bear the cost and compliance requirements. But as the bill has precisely the same cost responsibilities for small community groups that are the grass roots of community groups... the bill should be progressive and only apply at a certain threshold and individuals and small charitable groups below any commercial threshold should be exempted.

  • The Eu is a regulatory super-power, the UK isn’t. US companies will comply with GDPR, they’ll choose whether it’s convenient to apply UK regulation or (more likely) say “we comply with GDPR so this isn’t relevant”.

  • Absolutely. I was merely pointing at the logic of the legal mechanism ... Not saying it will/would/should work or condoning one or the other.

  • Suspect that Mumsnet will cope. It's the small niche and community forums that may suffer or collapse under the weight of the requirements.

    That said, running a club or a community group is a complex . business .

  • I suspect it will drive consolidation of Uk club sites on US hardware with a US contact, and achieve nothing other than driving money and accountability off-shore

  • Even in the EU would be fine. Professionally, a new law like this would probably be good news for my company but it’s still moronic.

  • Hey @anidel could you point me to the page with the link for donations please?

  • Thanks a lot, I was searching for it but couldn't find it. Really appreciated.

  • I missed this. As others have said, it's most likely that at this stage the Bill is badly drafted and will have unintended consequences, although I'd guess any eventual Act also would. As far as I'm aware, petitions are generally a total waste of time. KT Bee's advice to talk to campaigning organisations is the best. I've been through this sort of thing a few times with other things, like proposed legislation that was a threat to cycling in London, and I saw how tireless the CTC was in fighting against proposed changes to the Highway Code. Support from MPs is also good, but unless you're lucky and they're already an expert in the subject area in question, they mostly won't really understand the issue(s) and won't be very effective unless there's something very specific they are happy to do. The relevant knowledgeable organisations are the best ones to contact and work with.

  • driving money and accountability off-shore

    Bit late to this... but this is business as usual in Toryland, surely?

  • How hard would it to get this reported in the news media as an issue around further consolidation in the social media space? Facebook has been calling for regulation for quite some time and this is a clear example where regulations favour Facebooks position with its ability to pay and deploy regulations.

  • Probably not hard, but I'm allergic to any kind of media attention given the last couple of years of my personal life.

  • Donation made. Will think of a way to raise this with my MP.

  • Dear Cliveo’s MP

    If you don’t save lfgss I will have too much time on my hands and bother you continually.

    You don’t want that to happen.



  • Remind them of your role in their most recent (successful) re-election campaign.

    And tell them you know where they live...

  • Donation made - can't imagine this place not existing.

  • Latest issue of Private Eye had a small piece on this legislation and how poorly it was drafted, you could perhaps give them some more context on the unintended consequences

  • Thanks Oliver! Good campaigning orgs will often be writing briefing for MPs, meeting with officials and ministers and will sometimes draft amendments for MPs / Lords to propose. I suggested a couple up thread. If they’re not the right ones they may well be able to direct you to the key ones.

  • The major campaigning orgs seem to have come together here


  • If you'd ever received an online death threat, issuing of which these days seems as casual as popping out for a pint of milk, you might feel differently.

    My brother in law's a high court judge (is that a line from Withnail and I?) So I'll see if he can help. Busy guy though.

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UK Online Safety Bill... if it passes, I may have to shutter LFGSS

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