Anyone into lawnmowers?

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  • I acquired this today. I’ve been looking for a cylinder mower for a few weeks now and this one and another were on a route I do with my dog. I made enquiries and was told I could pick them up. I haven’t looked over it properly yet. First things first I need to give it a clean, then set about figuring out if it’s economical to repair it or sell as spares on eBay.

    Any advice or guidance would be greatly received as I know nothing about petrol engines.

    I’ll leave a picture here. Isn’t she a beauty!

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  • Blimey, should it be in a museum?

  • How much lawn do you need to cut?

  • It look fantastic, did it come with the grass catcher? And is that a kick-starter?
    Down Sussex way (Hassocks?) there is a lawn mower museum, they may be able to help getting it going if it doesn’t work.
    It looks like the lever which controls whether it is moving or not may have broken off by about 5 inches at the top.

  • I saved this beauty from a skip at our allotment a couple years ago.

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  • Yes came with the grass catcher. There is a foot pedal and no pull cord so maybe it’s a Kickstarter???

  • Something really nice about old bits of machinery. The graphics look so fresh on this

  • Why do I know have the urge to restore a push mower despite having no grass worth cutting?
    That Webb Whippet looks like the perfect allotment mower...

  • There’s something in taking something that is a bit knackered and restoring it. Feels good seeing the transformation. Even if it’s just a clean not a full restoration

  • Oh incredible looking machine it makes you just want to buy a house in the suburbs for those grass cutting Sunday’s, if it wasn’t the one thing that gets stolen constantly at our allotments I’d would love it
    good luck

  • The main issue is space. I’ve got a standard sized garage and I’ve now got 3 lawnmowers, a rotovator, a car and I don’t know how many bikes

  • I totally hear you I nearly bought something similar and tried to convince my father-in-law he needed one but he wasn’t having it, again lack of space and the fact his Honda Izzy is so reliable and easy to care for .

  • We’ve a little push along one, almost new, collected for free last summer. It’s a great thing to have.

  • I use this bad boy. Maxees.
    Complete with makeshift height adjustment from an off-cut of the kitchen floor.

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  • Despite having never met you, and only really getting an idea of your personality from BTOB, I am not one iota surprised you have a push mower. The most 'in character' development ever, I think.

  • My dad has had so many petrol cylinder mowers, he's a bit obsessed. They can be tricky to start with the pull cord mechanism, you've just got to keep pulling, be careful of your back. Although looking at that one, is it started by that pedal? And you usually have to manually pump a tiny bit of petrol in before you can start it too, not too much or it will flood. That's about as much as I know.
    Edit- I just saw you answered the Kickstarter question

  • I dread to think what BTOB reveals about my personality!

  • The Korean boy band?

  • So far I’ve ordered a spark plug.


    The petrol tank didn’t have a cap on so we’ll presume there’s rain water in the tank so soak that up and check the pipe work. Clean down and lots of wd40 tomorrow depending on the weather

  • Ha! Not this...

    This: Bicycle Tag of Bike, the long running and highly addictive bike treasure hunt game on this forum

    Back to lawnmowers.

    I'd say a new spark plug is a good start.
    It will be interesting to know if you can get it to start

  • So managed to get a hall pass for a couple of hours. Little bit of fettling revealed a cracked fuel line

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  • No idea what size the fuel line is

  • Now the parts start rolling in

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  • This but with stripes

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  • Big day today. Villiers carb service kit arrived. Spent about 2 hours ducking about and this happened

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Anyone into lawnmowers?

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