Sold. Proto type 853 Genesis Equilibrium 56cm

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  • So, me and Sam are heading off to Canada and I'm only taking my MTB and a fixed gear with me, which means I'm selling one of my favourite bikes I've ever owned.
    It's a Genesis Equilibrium, but no ordinary Equilibrium, it's the 853 proto type! It's got a 10 speed Sram Force group set, a dynamo, a tubus rear rack, mudguards and it says PROTOTYPE on it!
    This bike can do just about anything! Commuting, light touring, light gravel, road riding, Spring classics and make you look amazing and sexy to everyone!

    I'm asking for£1300, but I know times have been hard so if you want it and it's just too much for you to part with, make me an offer and I'll consider it.

    Many thanks, Jim.

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  • Pm’d

  • Has this been sold yet?

  • If not - dibs

  • Not just yet.

    You have 2nd dibs.

  • Would your accept 10 quid, a packet of monster munch and a reach around?

  • What flavour monster munch?

  • Is this still available?

  • It's gotta be pickled onion, or forget the deal!

  • Sorry, it's now sold.

    Thanks for looking.

  • This is back up for sale. I bought it off Jim before he moved to Canada then out of the blue was given a used genesis CdF also in reynolds 853 with dynamo wheelset for a significant birthday. I don't have space for two such similar bikes and this won't get the use it deserves.

    Recap on why this bike is so great.

    1) the 853 frame just zings. This is way more than just a slightly lighter equilibrium (already an amazing ride). It's fast, responsive, feels at times more race bike than audax/commuter. It's eager to go and feels light and agile even with rack, guards and dynamo hub.

    2) the dynamo and lights are brilliant. Both front and back lights stay bright for minutes after front wheel has stopped spinning. If you are serious about riding through the winter and doing some proper hardman/woman on-road mileage, this is the bike for you. It can handle detours off road. I have done a few dog walks/runs through fields and tracks through the Croydon edgelands and it feels right at home.

    3) the vanity of small differences is an undeniable factor of cycling life. You will see no other bike like this. It is just a very cool machine. Stand out from the hoardes on their mass produced models that got five stars on GCN or whatever and watch their surprise as you go past with guards and rack and a jaunty old school greeting.

    It's only done a few Brighton runs since I bought it. I probably paid too much for it in my enthusiasm. I'm asking for £800, which I reckon is fair for a bike this good and well equipped.

    Unless you're racing, this could be the perfect one bike for all year road riding including more spirited club rides. It definitely has a well used look but I saw that as camouflage for a really fine bike that won't attract too much thieves attention.

    I definitely won't split, nor take offers. Would sooner stow it away in the loft and save it for when one of my kids is tall enough.

    Croydon pick up/inspection. The saddle is shit but I'll provide a new one and also throw in some serious MTB tyres that Jim left me with if you have a use for them.

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Sold. Proto type 853 Genesis Equilibrium 56cm

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