Frame modifications thread.

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  • you don't happen to have a SRAM Automatix hub you want to be rid of do you?

    No sorry, I think @retrodirect/glowbike might have had one for sale a while back though?

  • Appreciate it. Have a sudden itch for Coaster/Hub gears and the Automatix seems to be hens teeth. At least the coaster one.

    @retrodirect/glowbike Any chance of this in your magical hoard?

  • @Chak All gone. :) but yes i did. good luck

  • Appreciate it. Had 3 a few years back and I either recycled or gave them away. Regret it.

  • I think you either weld something to the dent and pull it, then cut and file flush, or you drill the other side of the tube and push it out from the inside then fill the hole. Haven't done either, nor would I particularly fancy trying however

  • MV's suggestion of 'rolling' it out with blocks is a pretty common solution, tubes need to be round-section I guess. I think rolling usually leaves a little flat spot which you then fill

  • tubes need to be round-section I guess

    Well, if they aren't round beforehand they will be afterwards :)

  • I put an extra tube and advert panel on a bsa frame for mate about 6 years ago, he’s still not picked it up. But it’s a good for riding to the pub…

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  • don't know where to ask this or if I should start a thread but does anyone know if/how resetting an Aluminium frame is a thing (I know most will obviously say no bin it etc but frame in question is only very slightly out and wanted to try to save it if I can - also if anyone knows a better thread to ask on I'm all ears!)


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Frame modifications thread.

Posted by Avatar for retrodirect/glowbike @retrodirect/glowbike