Frame modifications thread.

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  • Not gonna lie, I think frame-mods are more interesting than full frame-builds and I wanna see what people have done. Show me something sacrilegious!

    Here's a tame photo to kick things off:

  • This Ukrainian builder is doing some really interesting things with some quite ordinary frames.

  • This mtb>>>cycle truck that i still haven't built up is the only thing i have done that might qualify hah

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  • Awesome. I've got a 44mm headtube conversion planned for something but it's a while off before I get to it

  • You used a hole saw to cut out the old headtube right?

  • could someone please drill some holes in my frame and reinforce them for rear dynamo lighting?

  • Here's some of mine,

    This Holdsworth was one of the first mods I did when I upgraded to oxy-propane. Had a stuck post and trashed dropouts so I cut off the old seattube, seatstays and dropouts. Sleeved some larger tube over the remaining seattube, converted to track ends and did asymmetric stays.

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  • Orange p7 that had been crashed into a tree. Bent top and downtubes.

    New front triangle with the 'glamour' tube, converted to 44mm headtube and also chopped out the seatstays and made it into a double wishbone thingy.

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  • BMX to minivelo conversion, Cargobike made from a Marin Pine Mountain that I recon had been subjected to an attempted theft so hade some dinged and bent tubes.

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  • Mods to @lmanimal's Spesh and Marin.

    Discmounts added, flat mount on the Spesh, PM on the Marin. Tyre clearance yoke thing on the Marin. Lots of brazeons added/moved/deleted.

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  • And does modifying a frame that I originally built count?

    Turned what was my skinny tyre fast road fixed into an allroad thing that can take 32mm tyres with guards and drilled the tt for dynamo cabling. Started off purple, painted it gold after doing the initial mods then black after doing the dynamo wiring.

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  • Where do you want the wires routed?

  • Downtube and Seattube.

  • love your work

  • Get it finished!

  • I can do it if you like

  • Fwiw, with hindsight, I shouldn’t have drilled my frame for wiring. I should have routed it externally so that I had the option to ditch the dynamo and do a lighter weight summer build when the dynamo isn’t needed so much.

  • Yeah, grinder is used to chop out the holesawed sections as obviously the holesaw will bottom out, so it's holesawed out in stages. :)

    Set up once in the mill for both top and downtube, saw cut saw cut saw cut, done.

  • I’ve wondered about doing it before but would need to cut it all by hand.

    I have a plan where I could do a relatively straight cut on the top and down tubes and then sleeve some larger tubing over and mitre it to the new headtube. Would allow stretching of the frame as well as making cutting the mitres easier.

    Sort of used a similar technique when I built this...

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  • Fixed a REALLY well used bianchi frame today.

  • Such a a cool solution for what I imagine is quite a common issue.

  • Hi everyone, I have a Cetma-style rack somebody who has since seemingly dropped off the face of the earth made for me a while ago that I'd like to have modified to mount to the fork crown instead of the handlebars. Would anybody here based in or around London be able to do this for me? Thanks

  • What's the word on pulling out a dent from a DT? It's pretty sizeable. @M_V What's your view on this?

  • Never tried it, only filled some smaller ones.

    Clamps some tube blocks around it and try squish it back into shape?

  • Thanks for the shout dude.

    I have no such things unfortunately, so will leave it be. Steel underneath paint is very clean with nay a dot of rust.

    Also, just whilst I have you here, you don't happen to have a SRAM Automatix hub you want to be rid of do you?

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Frame modifications thread.

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