Some Marins

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  • Got round to taking a few pics

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  • .

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  • ..

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  • Most excellent!

  • Lovely stuff! Look forward to seeing what you do with the new one.

  • so this is how the new one is shaping up...
    the rest of the bits will most likely be what came off it. Trying to keep £££ to a minimum.

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  • also aware that anything i do to it from this point on will basically just make it look worse.

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  • That colour is insanely good!

  • So much polishing

  • Oh wow, where are you getting these frames!!

  • Both are amazing, what rack is that on the Bear Valley?

  • It's basically just what the algorithms send me on marketplace

  • Just a Wald 137 with the standard hardware.

    Actually sold the BV a couple of days ago, was hoping to do a (at least partial) parts swap. This way gives me a bit of a fresh brief I guess.... Kinda concerned that I've swayed too far from the original 'pub bike' intention already

  • Still waiting for a couple of little bits, but this seems to be the jist of it.

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  • (both) So nice. Much too good for just pub bikes.

  • Yea... I need an actual pub bike.

  • Very nice! Also have to agree: almost too blingy for a pub bike.
    What are the bar ends? Mental BMX?

  • Yeah... I was basically trying to keep the budget down to what I sold the other one for. But this one came out way shinier.

    Bar ends are the ones that came with some Primo bmx grips.

  • so this is what it looks like at the moment.

    the basket was laughably high with the standard Wald hardware. And really just not practical. Figured if I'm bolting 1kg of pure #basketlyfe to the already quite colossal front end, it'd be better to be able to use it. So i picked up a cheapy canti rack from SJS which is 1000000x better.

    on the list:
    not digging the grey sTrIdSlAnD tyres anymore. something black acomin'
    mudguards (tis the season)
    saddle swap to something that makes my nether-regions happier

    gave it a few laps of brixton bmx track yesterday and managed to not bin it, so that's a start

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  • I like it very much ! What bar is this?

  • ta - it's a nitto bullmoose. can't remember the model but it's the rise-ier one.

  • Looks more like this, now.

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Some Marins

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