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  • Picked this up a while ago for cheapy.

    Will be gradually turning it into something I don't mind leaving somewhere that's not in my immediate field of vision.

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  • Few more from when I collected:

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  • Awesome! I had one from 1992, hands down the best retro MTB frameset I've ever had, it was a joy to ride. Looking forward to see yours built up!

  • Perfect base for a pub bike!

  • Finished this for my work mate

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  • Hope so.

  • This looks like a lot of fun.

  • Will be gradually turning it into something I don't mind leaving somewhere that's not in my immediate field of vision

    Is that even possible on here? Looks like a great project though.

  • Subbed. Lovely frame, up for seeing what you do with it.

  • BVSE FTW. Subbed.

  • here's a quick photo of it all kind of finished, for now. Will take a few more when I get a chance! as well as build list etc.

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  • Looks fantastic, great tyres too!

  • Agreed, looks like it must be a blast to ride!

  • Lovely. Tyres are perfect.

  • Yea I've only really given it a little blast up the road, but it's fun. Way more lively than I expected.

  • I found the same with the rockhopper I just built up, these 90s mtbs have really lively feeling to them!!

  • Lovely.

    How are the tyres? I’d always assumed they’d be lead balloons.

  • They're actually alright. Admittedly this is my first 26er so I don't really have anything to compare them to. But they seem light-ish, and they're a pretty soft and tacky compound.

  • Where did you buy them? I tried to look for a pair a while ago but didn't find any. Neither the GEAX nor the Vittoria version...

  • Someone on ebay selling a bunch of old stock.

    They've put their prices up a bit recently though.

  • So after riding this around for a month I've realised that the bloke I bought it from was misinformed/telling porkies, and it's definitely too small for me. I make it a 17.5' rather than the 19' I thought it was.

    So, picked up this '97 Eldridge Grade 19' yesterday for £100 (smattering of XT/LX bits) and plan to do a parts swap at some point.

    Or...having just gone to collect a wheelset on it and experienced the pure practicalities of its current configuration, do I do the least LFGSS thing ever and keep it as is??

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  • Well, if it is comfy and works well, why change it?

    Just kidding, make it bling!

  • definitely needs more bling like the previous marin!

  • Those the old xt brakes? They bang in looks and function, should keep the cranks too

  • They are, yeah. I like 'em.

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Some Marins

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