• I will have for sale sets of vinyl decals including major brands, Italian, Belgian, Dutch, English, French etc...

    Prices will vary from £15-35 depending on what you are after... I have decals printed onto matt gold, matt silver, clear, white, mirror silver and mirror gold vinyl.

    Pm if interested in anything? Any special requests that require drawing up will mean time and a small fee.

    Best wishes!


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  • Might be worth waiting for a dry day to take photos of the decals outside in natural daylight as half of them are blurry and don't do them justice

  • They are blurry but show potential what I have to offer and if people are interested then great! Why you people come here with such comments...?

  • Was only suggesting to get a better quality photo to highlight the finish. There's plenty of companies out there that recreate vintage decals, so the finish and quality are surely fairly important.
    If someone is going to the length, in most cases to get a really nice respray and period components, they probably also want to finish their build with a decal to the same standard.
    Best of luck with it 👍🏻

  • You invest your time in suggesting what to do... if I need to be told what to do I will ask... is that's ok with you? I've been drawing up decals for a good number of years (10+ years) and cater a lot for the European community... I get a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction out of it.... not people digging at my heels...

  • On the hunt for colnago and nagasawa decals if you have any?

  • I have Colnago decals but not nagasawa decals. Which set of Colnago are you after? Send me a reference and hope I can help? I have this set drawn up and printed a months time... just completed a vinyl run..

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  • Pictures of some of the Colnago decals that I have...

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  • The colnago decals would be for a colnago dream with columbus altec tubing so a little more modern then the ones above.

    -Was thinking Mirror silver downtube, seatube and headtube decals if that was possible?

    -nagasawa Decals was thinking for the lettering mirror silver with black outline if that were possible?

  • I'm just trying to help you. You will sell more if you took proper photos.

    As mentioned above, the finish and quality are very important. Especially when restoring frames properly.

  • Sorry, I don't have either but if you send me a picture or any reference of what you after for both frames and don't mind waiting a month I can hopefully help out... I will consider drawing up the nagasawa decals in the near future... best wishes for now! 🙏 Attached a few pics of frames with my artwork and decals... hope it gives you a good idea of what I have to offer..

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  • OK I'll have a search around and see if I can find examples.

    Nice work on those two frames

  • I can vouch for the quality, Colnago_Costa did some A F Mills vintage artwork for me a few years back with excellent results.......

  • Hey Saxby! Good to hear from you! Is that you Griff? Sorry it's been ages ago! Best wishes!

  • Thanks for the kind words. Hope I can help and will be printing more of my work in just over a months time...

  • 'tis me indeed, long since moved from SE London but still collecting and restoring vintage London built steeds, good to see you are still involved and will bear you in mind if I'm ever stuck for a decent set to make up....say hi to Mario if you bump into him, Obrigado

  • Cheers Saxby! Keep well! 🚴🏻👏🙏🙏🙏

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Vinyl decals for sale - Eddy Merckx - Colnago - Belgian brands etc.

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