Kashimax Aero Pink Flower

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  • Forgot I even had this and just found it on a shelf.
    Genuine original Kashimax Aero Pink Flower.
    Took me ages to find one, never used it and it was left to sit in my wardrobe for the last few years.

    Rare as rocking horse shit.


    Located in Ireland but I can happily post it if necessary.

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  • Almost certainly cannot justify or afford this but want it with all my heart. Would love to see some pics of the one you have if you fancied putting some up.

  • Argh, I saw this the last time around, really really would love to fit this to a bike I'm building. In reality, I couldn't face fitting it to anything with the risk that the print fades/rubs away. Straight to the museum cave.

  • What condition etc is it in please? Thanks. T

  • I'll grab mine and snap some pictures of it but it's absolutely spotless, never ridden!

    Edit: pics below.
    The only noteworthy thing is that the glue under the nose of the saddle is a bit loose (for want of a better explanation, it's stuck but material flexes under finger) but that's the way it's been since day one. Easy enough to stick with some hot glue I'd imagine but I never touched it myself as wanted to keep original when I didn't use it.

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  • Price drop.

  • what a nice thing

  • It is smashing isn't it! Sort of wish I had a build to do it justice but it really deserves to be on some lovely NJS thing!

  • Thanks for the pics mate. It's beautiful just have no idea what I'd put it on though..! I'll give it some thought here ;) Cheers. T

  • Someone should build a bike around this


  • This is the sort of buyer support I'd hoped for 😂

  • For those curious, this is what (a blue) one of these looks like after years and years of regular riding! They age v gracefully!

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  • That's aged really nicely! Almost looks nicer once it's worn in a bit.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Any takers? Open to a sensible offer if someone is keen for it?

  • It wasn’t, and I don’t really know how to value it, but if you had a price in mind and want to DM me I’ll consider an offer. Don’t want to come across as fishing, but also not really sure I want to move on from it.

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Kashimax Aero Pink Flower

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