Show us your RAW Mudflaps, custom mudflaps and Scobleflaps

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  • I’ve made a few bodgers in the past, and bought a few RAW in the past as they offer myriad colours, stripes, custom (TNRC have one with custom lufguss art.). Recently I have rebuilt a tandem and a Pedersen, in unusual paint colours. Went to RAW’s site and discovered they’re now doing an RGB values custom option, and also doing stealth semi-opaque black with reflecto colours behind, ordered some to match the new bikes. They’re brilliant! Bravo RAW!
    These are the stealth gold ones for the Pedersen...

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  • These are trying to match the RAL Ruby Red on the tandem, came out close, they look too light in the photo, to the eye a tiny bit too much blue in it, guess RGB conversions is an inexact science. But I’m very impressed that RAW offer this.

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  • Also keen to see any Scobleflaps / third mudflaps, behind the chainset Geoff Apps-style mudguards, all the mudflaps.

  • Gonna get a very basic entry in early on, probably belongs in hack/bodge.

    DIY plastic bottle flap, front only 😈

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  • Love a milk-bottle type homemade. @Digger told me years back he got really embarrassed by his old dad's homemades using washing up bottles, as he had 'FAIRY' squarely cut out on them.

    I've found generous side spread wider than the tyre on front flaps is useful esp when you need to keep pedalling through standing water, wonder if you'd get wet feet with these narrow ones as the water spreads in a fan from under the tyre?

  • My plant-pot mudguard process here:­

    Still working well.

  • A few from the archives

  • Belongs on the Mudguard thread really, but Sven have just made some Hemp mudguards for Hugh Fearnley Whatsit's bike, presumably Hugh's realised he wants guards on bis custom 'foraging bike' the Uberhipster.

  • Yeah it was rushed, could be lower also. But the material is brittle so it'll have an improved design next time round.

  • Do we have a Foraging Bikes thread yet? Only a matter of time.

  • @cake new ones need to be shared in this thread!

  • ... drums fingers ... in your own time cake.

  • Foraging Bikes thread

    Paging the foragers

  • Like the dayglos (I always opted for no logo but the contrast is good) and your see thru homemade, that one is proper audaxer length

  • .

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  • Purple stripes on my raw flaps to match the cages, post, spacers and top cap. Still want my fork painted purple some day

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  • Soz babe. Been playing bikes.

    @Mikey5000 in flap form thanks to @Arvy.

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  • Three bolts sir, ooh suits you, yes sir

  • Ahahahaaaaaaaaa ace

  • Nice ensemble with the purple!

  • Maybe all the purple is why nobody waves at me when I’m riding. Or because I’m a hairy giant

  • home made leather job on my retro functional.
    replete with a trio of lfgss stickerage (win a prize* if you can spot the third sticker)

    *not an actual prize

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  • What’s the advantage of the Scobleflap?

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Show us your RAW Mudflaps, custom mudflaps and Scobleflaps

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