Alfine 8 chain tension

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  • Having a time tensioning my alfine 8 chain

    Horizontal dropouts.

    No matter how hard I pull on the rear wheel, when I do the wheel nut up it returns to the same place, chain too slack. I'm not sure if the grip washers are just finding their original positions everytime?

    Suggestions please.

  • grip or no-turn washers?

  • No turn washers

  • Are there visible/tangible dents on the dropouts from the washers that they are just falling back into? Could you flatten them out?

    Are they forward-facing horizontal dropouts or rear-facing track-ends. If the latter, you might be able to put a chain-tug on to hold the axle back, or you could try wedging something between the tyre and seat-tube to hold the wheel back while you tighten the nuts.

  • Possibly use a chain tug to help stop creep as described here­/chain-tug-for-shimano-alfine-8/

  • If you don't have full length mudguards or anything else in the way, try wedging something that's the right size between the back of the seat tube and the rear tyre. This also frees up the left hand to keep the wheel straight.

    Edit: I should learn to read first, what ffm said..

  • Thanks for all the replies.

    On Closer investigation the cable was actually pulling tight (doh) which wasnt helping. The anti rotation washers had bedded into the dropout too so were finding their place each time. I'll see if it slackens over the next few rides and look to fit a tug if so.


    Just fitted one of these on the driveside as the wheel was slipping back. Also changed to track nuts as the alfine ones seem to be made of cheese.

  • Oh dear

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  • Somethings up if you’re having that much hassle keeping the wheel in place.

  • yeah i have alfine on two bikes; one with aftermarket eBike motor installed; zero issues!

  • I'm not putting any real stress through the drivechain. Gearing is easy and I'm always sitting and spinning up hills, never out the saddle. I'm a bit baffled tbh. I haven't ridden this bike with the correct chain tension since I've had it. The two yellow dots on the hub are aligned as per instructions.

  • What is the input ratio like?

    I’ve had a couple Alfines and never experienced this.

  • Which anti rotation thingumies are you using?­#washers

    Have one of these on a crosscheck and the wheel wandering has not been an issue.

  • @M_V Do you mean the shifter pull?

    @Howard I checked the washers before and they are correct for horizontal dropouts.

    I've been racking my brains all day and Im wondering if the inner cable is set too short. I'm setting the chain tension but when I'm changing gears riding it's pulling the wheel back.

    It's the only thing I can think of. As I said I'm putting very little torque through the chain.

  • No I mean like the chainring to sprocket ratio.

    There’s no way it’s shifter pull doing that, it has to be the chain pulling it when you’re pedalling.

  • It's currently 44x22

    I started to investigate today. The dropout was a bit squished. Maybe it's settling back into the same position each time?

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  • It doesn't solve the mystery of why the wheel is moving, but if you've got a hanger just put on one of these­chain-adjuster-black and let the wheel sit where it wants

  • It might but it might be moving on just the drive side causing tracking issues. Guess you could run up against the track end but then you might get tire clearance issues.

    I’d get all the paint off the track ends and see what is what. I wonder if something is making the bolts back off which then allows the wheel to shift down the track end.

  • Intial scraping with a knife suggests most of the dropout damage is mashed paint.
    I've changed the nuts to track nuts as I had this issue with the oem nuts which just stripped when I tightened them.
    Anti rotation washers are 6r / 6l

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Alfine 8 chain tension

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